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The HR Avatar Blog


The HR Avatar Blog
2/24/15, 7:00:00 PM EST
By Mike Russiello
A Theory of Everyone
If the discovery of black holes in our universe produced a “Theory of Everything,” what will come of the informational black hole we call the Internet Cloud? Could one possible outcome of this new, Earth-bound black hole be the emergence of a Theory of Everyone?
2/16/15, 7:00:00 PM EST
By Shoa Appelman
How to Start Using Pre-Employment Tests Quickly
Tests are the best predictors of performance in a job. Most testing companies offer a pre-employment test process that can take months to set up. With HR Avatar pre-employment tests, you can be testing job applicants with cognitive simulations in minutes.
2/11/15, 7:00:00 PM EST
By Mike Russiello
Have we gone personality test crazy?
Fueled by the Internet and big data, the use of personality tests has skyrocketed. In this article we take a look at what is behind this trend, and examine the potential benefits and risks. Ultimately, we recommend a more balanced approach combining personality with knowledge, skills, and abilities testing.
2/5/15, 7:00:00 PM EST
By Shoa Appelman
January 2015 Jobs Report Presented Visually [INFOGRAPHIC]
This is a visual depiction of the January 2015 Jobs Report. Tips for hiring good applicants.
2/1/15, 7:00:00 PM EST
By Shoa Appelman
How to Write a Good Job Posting and Include An Employment Test
Job postings matter. They tell applicants about the job, and good job postings get applicants excited about the job. See how to write job postings that can get the best.
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