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What is it Like Not Using Pre-Employment Tests? 5 Analogies You Can Use


What is it Like Not Using Pre-Employment Tests? 5 Analogies You Can Use
January 25, 2015, 7:00:00 PM EST   By Shoa Appelman
Analogies for using employment tests

5 Analogies in Honor of Pre-Employment Testing

We here at HR Avatar are very passionate about employment testing. We use our tests for our own hiring as well.

This past week, after completing a round of interviews, we reflected on how great pre-employment tests are: you learn a lot about a candidate well before they come in for an interview.

“It would be irresponsible to not use pre-employment tests,” said Bill Lake, our Chief Operating Officer, data enthusiast, and the person who had just filtered 47 applications. “If a way to gather objective data is available, it doesn’t make sense to not use it.”

This comment triggered a discussion around what it would be like to not use pre-employment tests. So I present to you our top five analogies for using pre-employment tests.

What is it like NOT using pre-employment tests?

5. It’s like packing for a trip without checking the weather forecast first.

4. It’s like going to a movie theater without checking to see if the movie you are going to see is playing at that theater.

3. It’s like buying a new car without a test drive.

2. There’s a 1/6 chance you make a good hire without a test. So, it’s like rolling a dice.

1. It’s like running a 10-mile race without training. People do it, but it ends in pain and regret.

And for all of you anti-double-negative readers, I hear you. Here is the list again, phrased in the affirmative.

What is using pre-employment testing like?

5. It’s like checking the weather forecast before packing for a trip.

4. It’s like checking a movie listing to make sure the theater you are going to is showing the movie you want to see.

3. It’s like test-driving a car.

2. It’s like putting your money into savings rather than gambling it away at a casino of ill-repute.

1. It’s like completing a 10-mile race, injury free.

If you have some other awesome hiring analogies, please share them with us! We will share all submitted analogies in an upcoming post! Be sure to include your Twitter handle or web address, if you would like, so we can give you proper credit. You can send us your analogy via contact form, Twitter, here in the comments, on Facebook, or on LinkedIn. We want to hear from you!

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