What is the Career Interest Survey with Job Match Report?


What is the Career Interest Survey with Job Match Report?
July 10, 2017, 8:00:00 PM EDT   By Shoa Appelman

Here at HR Avatar, we are committed to a positive candidate experience:

  • We offer a catalog of simulation based pre-employment tests, so candidates can experience an engaging simulation. Over 90% of candidates rate our tests more engaging than assessments offered by other companies.
  • Tests are desktop and mobile friendly, so they can be used on any device, and do not require pesky plug-ins.
  • HR Avatar tests measure cognitive skills, personality, and past behavior, in one test, providing helpful information it’s hard to convey in an interview or phone call.

Recently we introduced a feature to make the testing process even better for candidates: The Career Interest Survey with Job Match Report.

The Career Interest Survey is an opportunity to give back to candidates immediately. After they complete the job test, candidates are asked if they would like to take an optional survey. This optional survey helps recommend additional careers that might be a good fit based on their interests. Questions are straightforward and low pressure.

The survey takes less than 10 minutes, and then candidates receive a detailed report about job roles that might interest them. The report includes information about work activities, education and skills necessary to succeed in the role, related job positions, and career information such as salary and popularity. Click on the report image to see a sample report.

Candidates receive this report immediately after they have completed the survey. It’s a way of giving back to candidates who have taken the time to complete an assessment during the application process.

As a test administrator, recruiter, or hiring manager, you also benefit when candidates complete this survey. At the bottom of their report, you will see an additional section called Top Job Title Matches. Here, you can see the other jobs the candidate might also be a good fit for based on their test results and survey responses. So, if you are responsible for filling multiple roles in your organization, you might learn that you have a candidate who is already in your application process that could be a good fit!

How Does the Survey Work?

The survey and report leverage the extensive U.S. Government-sponsored Occupational Information Network, or (O*Net) database. Over the past 20 years, O*Net, a replacement for the now ancient Dictionary of Occupational Titles, has performed extensive analysis of what is most important to almost 1,000 different job types -- including abilities, knowledge, skills, interests, educational background, and work experience -- as well as what the key activities and tasks are required to perform the job. HR Avatar has been using O*Net as a basis for it's whole person job-specific assessments for the last 5 years. For more information on O*Net, visit their website at https://www.onetonline.org/.

Does the Candidate Receive their Test Results?

The candidate only receives their Career Survey results. They do not receive their job test scores or the interview guide. The test scores and interview guide are only available to the test administrator or hiring manager.

Can I Take the Career Interest Survey?

You can administer the assessment to yourself! The test is 10 credits on its own, and if you have an unlimited subscription, it is included as part of the subscription. In the Assessment Catalog, the Survey is available in the Miscellaneous section. Click on the test, and select Administer This Test to send yourself a link to the assessment. Results will be emailed to you and available in your account.

How Can I Ensure My Candidates are Offered the Optional Survey?

In your Account Settings, you can turn the survey offer on or off. Click on Account Settings, then click on Settings, and scroll to the section: Post-Test Candidate Job Match Report Setting If the box is checked, candidates are offered the survey if feasible.

Can I Turn Off the Survey Offer?

Yes, absolutely. You can turn off the offer for all candidates using the same steps above. Click on Account Settings > Settings and scroll to the section: Post-Test Candidate Job Match Report Setting. Remember to click Save to save your changes.

Can I Require Candidates Take the Interest Survey?

If you want all of your candidates to take the survey, we recommend creating a battery with the survey. This way, test takers will automatically proceed to the survey when they have completed the assessment. To learn more about how to create test batteries, contact us at (703) 722-8750 x1.

You can also use the Career Scout. The Career Scout is a generalized assessment that measures cognitive abilities, personality, writing skills, past behavior, and career interests to provide insight into fields an applicant could be well suited towards. You can learn more about the Career Scout by giving us a call, or checking out the test yourself. We have three levels, depending on the applicant’s education level:
Career Scout (Foundation Level)
Career Scout (Level 2)
Career Scout (Level 3)

What if Candidates Learn They Are Suited for a Different Career Path, and Don’t Want to Work for Me Anymore?

The applicant has already demonstrated that they do want to work for you by completing the assessment. If survey results compel them to look to other career options, then it is likely they were not going to stay long to begin with. As an employer, it’s important to encourage employees to be the best they can be, so they can work hard for your organization. Promising job applicants are looking for companies that care about their success. And according to this study from the Harvard Business Review, employees are more likely to stay in a company that helps them grow.

By providing applicants with Career Survey results, you demonstrate that you are invested in their growth as well.

The Career Interest Survey is the next step in making the assessment process better for job applicants. We are excited to offer the survey as we continue on our mission to make pre-employment testing engaging, informative, and easy.

Shoa Appelman

If you do not currently use pre-employment tests to help improve the hiring process, and you want to try a test for yourself or on your next hire, consider signing up for a free trial.

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