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Selecting Low-Level Service Employees


Selecting Low-Level Service Employees
December 22, 2021, 12:38:00 PM EST   By Maria Cucalon

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Selecting the right low-level service employees is a critical function for many businesses. It's often the lower-level employees who come in direct contact with customers and who make that critical impression that will determine whether the customers will remain loyal. In today's hyper-competitive market, companies cannot afford to have the wrong people on the front lines.

At the same time, finding the right low-level staff presents several unique challenges. First, the most critical attributes are different from those we look for in higher-level office workers, including competencies such as reliability, trustworthiness, self-control and adaptability. Second, you have a limited amount of time to measure everything you need to evaluate, since candidates are often unwilling to spend extra time on assessments.

An efficient and properly targeted instrument is necessary - to measure the right things and to do it efficiently.

Measure key attributes with a targeted instrument

HR Avatar is in the final stages of developing a new assessment targeted at low-level service staff. This assessment is designed to discover your future employees' personalities, cognitive attributes and past performance and tenure.

The low-level service assessment is shorter than our conventional customer service assessment. The assessment has a simplified cognitive test with less math-based questions and more focus on attention to detail, memory and logic/reasoning. It includes a simulation that immerses candidates into the work environment and tests all key competencies in a low-level service role such as drive, empathy, reliability, service orientation, and adaptability.

Help us go to the next level

We are seeking innovative organizations to collaborate with in validating the new assessment's performance. Please contact us at support@hravatar.com if you are interested.

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