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Making the Hiring and Onboarding Process for Interns Easier


Making the Hiring and Onboarding Process for Interns Easier

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Hiring and onboarding interns can be a great way to fill gaps in your business or add extra help during busy times. However, the process of hiring interns can be complex and time-consuming. We have compiled some tips to make the process easier for both businesses and interns.

Create Personalized Goals

Before you start recruiting interns, it's important to create personalized goals for what you want out of the internship program. What type of intern do you need? What skills should they possess? Having a clear idea of what you are looking for in an intern will help streamline the recruitment process.

Learn the Benefits of Hiring Interns

Hiring interns can bring numerous benefits to your business. Interns are often eager to learn new skills, fill in roles that may not require full-time employees, and provide a fresh perspective on projects. In addition, having interns gives businesses access to a larger pool of talent than they would otherwise have access to when recruiting full-time employees.

Write a Compelling and Job Description to Recruit Interns

Once you have identified what type of intern you need, it's time to start recruiting. Utilize job boards that allow employers to post job descriptions and search through potential applicants. Make sure your job description is clear and concise so that potential applicants know exactly what they are applying for. It should also include information on duties, expectations, qualifications, and compensation (if applicable) for potential applicants to get a better understanding of the role. Once you're ready to start vetting candidates, pre-employment tests from HR Avatar can help you hire the perfect intern.

Have a Transparent Onboarding Process and Timeline

Having a transparent onboarding process and timeline is essential when hiring an intern as this will give them clarity about their role within your business from day one. Include information about onboarding tasks such as filling out paperwork, completing virtual training, and attending virtual events or meetings with other team members. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page from the start which will make onboarding smoother for both parties involved.

Provide Mentorship

It's important to provide mentorship when bringing on new interns so that they feel supported throughout their internship experience. Assign an experienced mentor or supervisor who can guide tasks while also providing feedback on progress made throughout their time with your company. This will help ensure that your intern has all the resources needed to succeed during their internship period with your company.

Set Up Virtual Events and Training

In this digital age, getting the most out of your interns should no longer be difficult. Instead of having to manually arrange for intern onboarding and events, why not start exploring the potential of leveraging virtual events and interactive training? With creative digital solutions, you can ensure that your interns stay engaged and connected even from afar. The implementation of virtual tools can also prevent unnecessary costs while allowing unlimited access to an untapped pool of talented individuals looking to get experience. Making the internship process easier with virtual resources is a no-brainer.

Use PDFs to Help Write and Share Contracts

If you're looking to make your new hire onboarding process easier and more streamlined, PDFs can transform the process. Most businesses are already using online tools to facilitate their hiring process, and a switch to PDFs takes it a step further. For example, PDFs allow interns to e-sign contracts so you can get your new hire up and running in no time. Try using this tool to create e-signature documents.

Hiring and onboarding interns don't have to be difficult. With proper planning ahead of time such as creating personalized goals, having transparent onboarding processes and timelines, and using PDFs with e-signatures for contracts, companies can easily find talented individuals to join teams quickly and efficiently. Following these tips will ensure business success when it comes to hiring and onboarding interns both short and long term.

Author Bio

Lexie Dy is currently working toward her MBA. She uses her spare time to volunteer for Ready Job. She is a career counselor who enjoys researching and sharing helpful job and career resources. Lexie also strives to help students and young adults be as prepared as possible for today’s challenging workforce.

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