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Custom Solutions
Custom Solutions
Simulation-Based eLearning
We have a unique approach to making show-case training modules in which learners interact with animated instructors, customers and co-workers in engaging role-plays and simulations. We make it easier and more cost-effective to provide higher levels of online learner-interaction.
What makes us different?
1) We excel at creating interactive scenarios.
Here are some actual examples:
Emergency Preparedness Continuity of Operations
Emergency Preparedness
Watch animated characters respond to emergencies and disasters while at work.
Contingency Planning
Animated instructor explains mission priorities and asks knowledge-check questions.
Structured Interviews Ethics
Interviewer Training
Role-play interviews and ask good probing questions before rating candidates.
Business Ethics
Practice ethical decision making when presented with work-related situations.
Budgeting Customer Service
Project Management Process
Animated instructor uses motion-graphics to illustrate a complex topic.
Customer Service
Place the learner in a series of real-life situations to see if they can follow procedures and resolve each case satisfactorily.
2) We specialize in character animation.
HR Avatar specializes in 2D-character animation. We can completely customize the look and style of the scenarios to match your needs, or for a more economical approach, you can choose characters from our art-library. We also provide professional live-action video, voiceover, narration and motion graphics, but it's our Avatars that keep our customers coming back for more.
3) We use unique technolgy that makes it easy.
We use specialized branching-video technology from ClicFlic™ that helps us author branching-video easily. Plus it makes it a snap to package up courseware that conforms to ADA/508 accessabilty standards, conforms to Learning Management System SCORM standards, and plays on virtually any smart device such as a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, or even a CD.
4) We are easy to work with.
Sure, we're tooting our own horn here - but that's what our customers tell us. We understand that training managers' reputations can be based on the quality of their courseware and that it is hard to create engaging courseware on a traditional budget. Our customers consistently come back to us again and again because they like the way we help them design more engaging content, and produce showcase-worthy course ware.
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What Our Customers Say
"Simulation-Based Assessments give the candidate a virtual snapshot of the work they will be asked to do when they are on the job."
John Austin, CEO, Talegent
"These tests help ensure we concentrate our attention on the best candidates."
Simon Murray, Managing Director, Client Stepping LTD
"We've been using HR Avatar's technology for several years now for complex custom assessments. Our clients love them!"
Suzanne Tsacoumis, Vice President, Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO)

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