Legacy Credit-Based Pricing


Our legacy credit-based pricing is still active for past HR Avatar customers. In most cases, our new Pay-Per-Candidate pricing is significantly less expensive and more convenient. However, if you would like to continue to use legacy pricing we will continue to support this approach.

HR Avatar Recommends
Best Value per Credit
Enough for 1 Test
$45.00 USD
($1.00 per credit)
Enough for 25 Tests
$1,000.00 USD
($0.89 per credit)
Enough for 100 Tests
$3,375.00 USD
($0.75 per credit)
Want a different number of credits?
You can purchase any number of credits. Please enter the number you would like in the box below. We will automatically apply the best available volume discount.
HR Avatar credits can be used toward any HR Avatar tests. Credits are non-refundable and expire 12 months from the date of purchase. There's no minimum purchase. If you make multiple purchases, our system always applies the oldest credits first.

Candidate Credit Package

A Candidate Credit Package includes a specified number of Candidate Credits and provides everything you need to assess, reference check, and interview one candidate for each Candidate Credit. Packages offer both convenience as well as a significant discount compared to legacy credit-based pricing in most situations.

Candidate Credits are different than Legacy Credits. With Legacy Credits, a single test could require as many as 80 credits, plus more credits for remote proctoring. With Candidate Credits, any test or test battery administered to one candidate costs one Candidate Credit and this includes both remote proctoring and live video interviewing.

When you purchase a Candidate Credit package, your account will be converted to use Candidate Credits. Any unused Legacy Credits will be converted at 40 Legacy Credits = 1 Candidate Credit, rounding upward.

Candidate Credit Package: 1 Pack 10 Pack 25 Pack 50 Pack 100 Pack 500 Pack
Candidate Credits Included: 1 10 25 50 100 500
Full HR Avatar Test Library:
Virtual (Recorded) Video Interviews:
Remote Test Proctoring:
Live Video Interviewing:
Custom Test Builder:
Advanced Reporting:
Automated Reference Checks:
Price: $50 $350 $785 $1,430 $2,660 $12,300
Approximate Discount: - 30% 37% 43% 47% 51%
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