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NEW!  Pay-Per-Result pricing helps you focus on what's important: actionable assessment results and better employment decisions.

How it works: You purchase Result Credits. Each Result Credit provides everything you need to test and interview one candidate or employee, as well as perform an automated reference check. It doesn't matter what test you choose, how many tests you administer to a candidate (via a battery), what type of remote proctoring you want, or even whether you want to also conduct a live video interview and/or an automated reference check. Everything is included, and each time you test a candidate, one Result Credit is consumed.

You purchase Result Credits via our Pay-Per-Result Packages. Each package includes a specified number of Result Credits, as well as other useful services such as remote proctoring, video interviewing, and automated reference checks.

A Result Credit allows for the administration of one or more tests of any kind to a candidate during a single sitting. In most cases a Result Credit is equivalent to the administration of one test. However, if you administer multiple tests to a candidate using a test battery the entire battery only counts as 1 Result Credit.

Result Credits are only charged when a candidate completes their assessment administration. You are not charged for incomplete tests. Sometimes this can result in a small negative Result Credit balance. That's OK with us and is accounted for with your next Result Credit purchase.

You can combine packages to obtain the right number of Result Credits for your testing program. Each time you add a new package, unused Result Credits are carried over and the expiration date extended.

Unlimited Plans, Recruitment Firms, Unique Requirements

Pay-Per-Result 1 Pack 10 Pack 25 Pack 50 Pack 100 Pack 500 Pack
Result Credits: 1 10 25 50 100 500
Full HR Avatar Test Library:
Virtual (Recorded) Video Interviews:
Remote Test Proctoring:
Live Video Interviewing:
Custom Test Builder:
Advanced Reporting:
Price: $45 $350 $785 $1,430 $2,660 $12,300
Approximate Discount: - 15% 23% 30% 35% 40%
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