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Check Your Webcam
Check Your Webcam
Use this page to troubleshoot your camera. If your camera is accessible to your web browser, you should see a window below this paragraph with the camera output.
Camera Supported:
Video Capture Supported:
Browser (User-Agent):
Media Recorder:
Media Source:
Window Orientation:
No credit card. Includes 2 free tests.

What Our Customers Say
"These tests help ensure we concentrate our attention on the best candidates."
Simon Murray, Managing Director, Client Stepping LTD
"The tests make an awesome impression on our candidates. I couldn't imagine going back to a simple text-based testing method."
Brendan Keegan, President and CEO, Velocity Performance, Inc.
"Our candidates used to complain when we asked them to take tests, now they tell their friends about their experience!"
Alan Strauss, President, StartFinder

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