Check your Webcam and Troubleshoot Issues

Use this page to troubleshoot your camera. If your camera is accessible to your web browser, you should see a window below this paragraph with the camera output.
Test Window
Information We've Detected
Camera Supported:
Video Capture Supported:
Browser (User-Agent):
GetUserMedia API:
Media Recorder API:
Media Source API:
Window Orientation:
Select Active Devices
Cameras Detected:
Microphones Detected:
Troubleshooting Steps
If you are unable to see the camera output above, here are some suggestions:
  1. If you did not click ALLOW when your web browser asked you for permission to access the camera, reload the web page. You may need to close your web browser completely and start over. When the browser asks you for permission to access the camera, be sure to click ALLOW.
  2. Be sure you have closed any other applications that could be accessing your camera. These include other web browsers, other tabs, Facetime, Zoom, and other video recording or video access applications. Usually, only one application at a time can access the camera. Then close this web browser completely and try again.
  3. Your web browser may not fully support web access to your camera. Be sure you are using a modern version of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari - in that order. Try changing web browsers.
  4. If you are using an older computer, you may need to change to a more modern computer or mobile device.
  5. If you continue to have trouble, you can contact us here.
  6. Please check for camera mute buttons. Your computer or laptop may have a function (F) key or some other key that restricts or allows access to the camera. Known brands include ASUS and Lenovo.

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