Our Team

Our Team

Our team is a fun, motivated group. We get a kick out of helping customers find great employees and helping them avoid costly and painful hiring mistakes. Resumes and bios are certainly available on request, but here's just a little about what makes each one of us special.
Mike Russiello
President and CEO
The driving force behind HR Avatar, Mike brings energy and passion, as well as more than 20 years experience implementing effective pre-hire screening tools. Mike is the visionary behind some of our greatest innovations.
Shoa Appelman
Vice President of Client Services
The face (and voice) of HR Avatar. Shoa ensures every client gets exactly what they need, when they need it. An expert in assessment development and delivery with more than 13 years direct experience, she has become a resource to all of us in just about everything. Often caught answering emails in the middle of the night, Shoa is a world-class communicator who makes sure no one is kept waiting for critical information or follow-up.
Cassandra (Sandy) Stiltz
Industrial Organizational Psychologist
Sandy holds an advanced degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology. She is a hands on industrial psychologist / consultant who is involved with everything from helping customers select the right assessment and interpret their test results to developing new assessments and conducting concurrent validity and fairness studies. Sandy's enthusiasm for helping companies select the best candidates fairly and efficiently is obvious to all who speak with her.
Maria Cucalon
Industrial Organizational Psychologist
Maria holds advanced degrees in both Industrial Organizational Psychology and Business Administration. She also brings valuable experience as an entrepreneur. Her systematic and practical way of addressing hiring and candidate evaluation challenges helps customers zero in on the most effective assessment solutions for their unique needs. When she's not working on customer-specific projects, Maria is usually busy at work on our most important test development projects.
Matt Santos
Industrial Organizational Psychologist
Matt holds an advanced degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology. He is friendly, focused, and super helpful. At HR Avatar Matt advises clients on personnel selection, psychometrics, sales performance, team-oriented development, leadership development, and job analysis. He is easy to talk to and tenacious about helping customers engineer the best possible candidate evaluation solutions.
Steven Henson
Director of Marketing
Steve is responsible for communicating HR Avatar's competitive position in the marketplace, including our branding and outreach. Additionally, with more than 15 years of business-to-business experience, Steve ensures our products deliver what clients really want, and that they are easy to use.
Bill Haase
Head of Accounting and Finance
Bill has over 30 years experience as a CPA. He has helped ensure the financial integrity of HR Avatar since the very beginning of our company. A perpetually optimistic and multi-talented individual, he is a great internal resource for advice and support.
Daniel Robertson
Art and Animation Director
Daniel is the creative genius behind our industry-leading animations, which are used in virtually all of assessments. Able to accurately create two dimensional environments that enhance test realism for candidates, Daniel helps us achieve our industry-leading candidate engagement ratings.
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What Our Customers Say
"In my company this platform has improved a lot the hiring processes, it has allowed us to test candidates for jobs in our company, it helps us to measure behaviors, capacity and cognitive knowledge allowing us to make a much more complete profile to be studied before deciding whether or not to hire the applicant."
Felicity Hunt, Sales Manager, Octapharma
"I think the most unique element of the HR Avatar assessment is the interactive video exercises that focus on specific jobs and create real-life settings for applicants to perform in. I also really like the ability to pay per assessment."
Scott Zuckerman, CEO
"For YEARS, we've used HR Avatar for every new hire - It works! Applicants don't just answer questions - you get to see their actual reactions to workplace tasks and challenges."
Brandy Lee, Chief Operations Officer

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