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Multi-Rater Feedback Surveys and 360's
Obtain meaningful employee reviews from supervisors, subordinates and peers.
Easily create and administer job-specific employee multi-rater feedback surveys.   Back
What is an Multi-Rater Feedback Survey?
It's an efficient method for gathering feedback from the people that work with an employee and consolidating everything into separate management and employee reports.
Either you as administrator or the employee enters the name and contact info for 2 or more supervisors, subordinates, and co-workers. Since you can survey employees above, at the same level, and below the employee, we call sometimes use the term 360 degree feedback. These individuals then serve as raters who complete a customized, (usually 5 - 10 minute) survey regarding their experience and observations while working with the employee.
We'll compile all of the rater's responses into separate, detailed, and actionable reports for managers and for the employee to assist with future development, as well as ranking and formal performance reviews.
Manage your multi-rater review program with ease.
Using our easy-to-use survey template builder You can ask the critical questions in a fair, objective, and audit-able fashion.
Get answers from the people who know the truth about working with the employee. You can ask for specific examples of various behaviors and skills, and/or obtain numeric ratings as well as qualitative comments on different dimensions of performance in a fair an independent fashion.
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Results are computed instantly and available 24x7 Our online interface makes it easy to access scores and reports for any employee at any time.
How does it work?
The process is simple. First, create a survey template with our easy-to-use template builder.
Automated Reference Check Question Intro Graphic
The process is simple. First, create a survey template with our easy-to-use template builder.
Automated Reference Check Question Intro Graphic
Next, initiate a multi-rater survey by entering the name and email of the employee. The system will take it from there.
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Next, enter contact information for co-workers. Each of them will receive an email invitation to complete their ratings.
Automated Reference Check Question Intro Graphic
The employee will also (optionally) receive an automated email invitation to either add additional raters or to complete the survey themselves.
As soon as any rater completes his or her survey, results are available for review. Once all raters have completed their surveys, or a customizable expiration date has been reached, the survey is completed final reports are prepared for both the manager and the employee.
What does it cost?
A multi-rater survey costs one Candidate Credit. Of course, unlimited accounts do not pay anything extra for multi-rater surveys.
For situations when you are also administering other HR Avatar assessments to your employees, there is no additional cost for a multi-rater survey delivered for an employee who has been tested between 90 days before and after the survey.
Give Multi-Rater Surveys a try for your employees.
It's easy to use. No software to install.
"Super easy to use system and love the results. Easy to share and explain to members of my team. Loved my HR Avatar Rep."
Kelly Duff, HR, Pet Food Experts
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