Automated Reference Checks
Obtain meaningful reviews from past supervisors and peers.
Save time AND get actionable information.  
What is an Automated Reference Check?
It's a multi-rater survey for your candidate. The candidate enters the name and contact info for 2 - 8 past supervisors and co-workers, who then complete a customized, (usually 5 minute) survey regarding their experience and observations while working with the candidate.
We'll compile all of the rater's responses into a detailed, actionable report that can help you make better hiring decisions.
Why are automated reference checks effective?
Who buys ANYTHING anymore without reading the reviews? In our ultra-networked society, product reviews are a critical tool for helping you make the right choice. Why should it be any different when hiring team members - often your most expensive purchase each year? An automated reference check gets you meaningful reviews from people who have worked with your candidate in the past.
Get answers to questions you want to ask, from people who know the truth about your candidate. The people who know your candidates best are the ones who have actually worked with them. Their input can mean the critical difference between a good or a bad hire.
Unlike manual reference checks, which can take lots of time, usually go through another company, and often yield little useful information, automated reference checks require virtually no time, go directly to past supervisors and peers. Most importantly, they get results.
Concerned about fairness? Our easy-to-use template builder helps ensure you only ask questions that are related to the job you are hiring for, and only in an objective, fashion.
There's even an added bonus! We can optionally ask reference providers, or raters, if they are open to being contacted themselves about future employment opportunities. This is a great way to grow your database of qualified and experienced job candidates.
How does it work?
The process is simple. First, create a survey template with our easy-to-use template builder.
Our survey template builder assembles a draft survey based on job title by leveraging the U.S. Government Occupational Information Network (O*Net) database. You just have to review and tweak as needed. Of course, you can also add your own questions if you want.
Next, initiate a reference check by entering the name and email of the candidate. The system will take it from there.
The candidate receives an automated email (or text message) with a link to complete their portion of the reference check, which can include answering some questions and entering contact information for their references - which we call raters.
The system then emails (or texts) an invitation to each rater a link they can use to complete their part of the survey, which usually takes only about 5 minutes.
As soon as any rater completes his or her survey, results are available for review. Once all raters have completed their surveys, or a customizable expiration date has been reached, the reference check is completed and a final report is prepared.
Click here to download a sample PDF report for our automated reference checks
Click here to download a sample PDF report for our automated reference checks
What does it cost?
The best news is that there is no additional cost to use a reference check for someone you have tested between 90 days before and after the reference check is initiated. Otherwise, a reference check costs one Candidate Credit.
Easily combine a reference check with a test. We believe that combining an automated reference check with an assessment is a great way to maximize your chances of making a great hire. To make it easy, you can now initiate a reference check as part of a test or test battery.
Give Automated Reference Checks a try.

It's easy to use. No software to install.

"This product is good because it allows us to see everything about the candidates such as their skills, their cons and their work experience. I like that and I also like the interface which is simple but functional."
Renato S., Legado Sais, Vinícola (Winery)
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