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Remote Test Proctoring

Remote Test Proctoring

Choose the Proctoring Solution that is Right For You
The degree of remote test proctoring you utilize depends on your specific requirements. We make it easy to configure the appropriate degree of proctoring for any assessment by offering a full range of technology AND services.
No Proctoring Low Stakes For when you are either not worried about cheating, can administer the test onsite, or you can verify the accuracy of the results independently.
Image Capture Low-Medium Stakes Graphic GraphicFor situations where you wish to discourage cheating. Our image capture approach captures a selfie of the candidate at the beginning and end of the test. Optionally, if will also capture pictures at unannounced times spaced randomly during the assessment. We then apply artificial intelligence to detect if the candidate's face changes or another face appears. Captured photos can be displayed or hidden in the results depending on your preferences.
Suspicious Activity Monitoring Medium Stakes GraphicFor cases in which where you wish to discourage cheating of all kinds. We walk the candidate through a (customizable) process to lock down their testing environment, then monitor for suspicious activities, such as changing to a different browser window, or pressing a suspicious key. The test can also be optionally configured to automatically stop if a customizable threshold of suspicious activity is detected. Finally, all detected suspicious activity is reported alongside test results for post-test evaluation. Includes image capture features.
Video Recording with Live Observation Medium-High Stakes GraphicYou can now record the entire testing session on video. Authenticated customers can also OBSERVE the test taker in real time while they are taking the test at any time during the testing session. 2-way text and/or audio communications are easily enabled, and you can take notes while watching the test taker for future reference. The recorded video is used in the same way as the image capture processing to detect additional faces during the test. Recorded video can also be view right alongside the test results for post-test evaluation. Includes suspicious monitoring features.
Live Video Monitoring High Stakes GraphicHR Avatar provides live proctors to monitor your test takers in real time. Includes video recording features.
How does it work?
We make it easy. Each test you authorize has a remote proctoring setting. This is initially set to your account defaults, which you can change in your account settings, but can be modified at any time before the test is started. We take care of the rest and present the results to you on the test results page, including pictures, results of artificial intelligence analysis, suspicious activity listings, and video recordings.
When video recording is activated, you can log into www.hravatar.com and go to 'Incomplete Tests' to connect to any in-progress assessments.
What does it cost?
We keep it simple. Each type of remote proctoring costs a small number of credits, which are added to the credits for the test or tests included in a test key. For unlimited subscription accounts there is no extra charge.
Image capture costs 5 credits. Suspicious activity and above cost 20 credits.
How do I get started?
Selecting the right remote proctoring solution can sometimes be confusing. So please don't hesitate to Contact Us for more assistance.

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