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Tips and Resources

Better Hires, Fewer Fires
By Mike Russiello
3/31/13 8:00:00 PM EDT
The Interactive Video Wave
By Bill Lake
9/2/12 8:00:00 PM EDT
White Paper
Job Simulations: Trying out for a Federal Job
By US Merit Systems Protection Board
4/9/13 8:00:00 PM EDT
White Paper
Hiring Salespeople: Trust or Consequences
By Dr. Wendell Williams
4/10/13 10:04:14 AM EDT
The Fastest Way to Improve Your Hiring Process
By Shoa Appelman
1/13/15 7:00:00 PM EST
White Paper
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11/29/16   Simulations en Espanol, Anyone?
HR Avatar is proud to announce the availability of over 85 job-specific...  More
10/29/16   HR Avatar adds new Interpersonal Competency Modules
HR Avatar has extended its library of job-specific simulation-based assessments...  More
9/13/16   HR Avatar Partners with ICIMS - Industry-Leading Applicant Tracking System
Any of ICIMS more than 3,200 customers will be able to assign HR Avatar...  More
8/13/16   HR Avatar adds new Animated Simulations Contexts
HR Avatar has expanded its line of job-specific animated simulations by adding...  More
4/30/16   HR Avatar Partners with ADP via the Award-Winning ADP MArketplace
HR Avatar has now been fully integrated into the ADP Marketplace. This means...  More
12/20/16   So - really - why are you testing your job candidates?
The conventional wisdom is simple. You test to avoid the costs of a bad hire or...  More
7/27/16   Does Emotional Intelligence Predict Job Performance?
Over the past one hundred years, employers have measured many different traits...  More
1/20/16   HR Avatar - Does college GPA predict future job performance?
Recently, some well-respected people have criticized the use of standard...  More
1/18/16   Should You Use Employment Tests? Research Says YES.
The National Bureau of Economic Research has published a new study that confirms...  More
7/14/15   What to do if Your Pre-Employment Tests Use Flash
Flash is on its way out. If you’re a pre-employment test vendor, there’s no way...  More

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