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Tips and Resources

Better Hires, Fewer Fires
By Mike Russiello
3/31/13, 8:00:00 PM EDT
The Interactive Video Wave
By Bill Lake
9/2/12, 8:00:00 PM EDT
White Paper
Job Simulations: Trying out for a Federal Job
By US Merit Systems Protection Board
4/9/13, 8:00:00 PM EDT
White Paper
Hiring Salespeople: Trust or Consequences
By Dr. Wendell Williams
4/10/13, 10:04:14 AM EDT
The Fastest Way to Improve Your Hiring Process
By Shoa Appelman
1/13/15, 7:00:00 PM EST
White Paper
University of Minnesota Professionalism SJT Curricula Materials
By Shoa Appelman
1/13/15, 7:00:00 PM EST
White Paper
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8/21/19   HR Avatar is Hiring!
Our business is growing, and so is our organization. We're actively seeking...  More
5/2/19   HR Avatar Upgrades Attitudes, Interests and Motivations Survey
HR Avatar is rolling out an upgrade to Attitudes, Interests, and Motivations and...  More
6/15/18   HR Avatar Implements Role and Test-Specific, Norm-Referenced Scoring for Competencies
Leveraging it's growing database of test scores across many different job roles...  More
5/25/18   HR Avatar Updates Privacy Policy
HR Avatar rolls out updates to the privacy policy to comply with GDPR...  More
5/14/18   HR Avatar Introduces Online Proctoring
With online proctoring, tests will use an additional security measuring of...  More
12/13/17   Test Taker Survey Report | HR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests [INFOGRAPHIC]
See the results of a survey of over 10,000 test-takers who completed HR Avatar...  More
10/15/17   3 Easy Steps to Improve Candidate Experience
As a recruiter or a hiring manager, you don’t want to miss out on good...  More
9/14/17   How to Make the Job Interview Easier for You AND the Applicant
Structured interviews can help predict a candidate's job performance and make...  More
7/31/17   5 Pre-Employment Best Practice Steps to Avoid Hiring a Scaramucci
Hiring a friend can be tempting, but it can also be disastrous. Here are five...  More
7/10/17   What is the Career Interest Survey with Job Match Report?
The HR Avatar Career Interest Survey and Job Match Report helps recommend...  More

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