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About HR Avatar
About HR Avatar
Our Story
Our founders, Mike Russiello, Bill Lake, and Shoa Appelman, have a history of product innovation in the employment testing industry. After working together at technology services firm EDS Corporation (now HP) starting in 1991, they left in 1998 to start Brainbench, an employment testing company. Brainbench pioneered several head-turning innovations including online computer-adaptive testing, virtual test centers, online skills certification testing, multi-dimensional pre-hire testing, and corporate skills benchmarking.
Brainbench rapidly became a significant player in the pre-employment testing industry, and was acquired in 2006 by Qwiz Holdings. Post-acquisition, Mike and Bill remained with Qwiz, which was renamed PreVisor, and which became one of the largest employment testing firms in the United States, before leaving to start ClicFlic in late 2008/early 2009. Previsor later merged with SHL Corporation in 2011, which itself was acquired by The Corporate Executive Board (CEB) in 2012 and is now known as CEB - SHL Talent Measurement.
In 2009, ClicFlic was launched as a simulation technology and services company. The company experienced the significant demand among corporations and government agencies for more interactive, simulation-based eLearning and assessment.
It soon became clear that there is significant demand among employers and recruiting organizations to provide a better, more engaging candidate experience. So, after several years perfecting its technology, animation expertise, and measurement methods for simulation-based assessment, a growing library of job-specific pre-hire assessments and job previews was launched and the company changed its name to HR Avatar. A new era of simulation-based pre-employment testing has begun!

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What Our Customers Say
"These tests help ensure we concentrate our attention on the best candidates."
Simon Murray, Managing Director, Client Stepping LTD
"The tests make an awesome impression on our candidates. I couldn't imagine going back to a simple text-based testing method."
Brendan Keegan, President and CEO, Velocity Performance, Inc.
"Simulation-Based Assessments give the candidate a virtual snapshot of the work they will be asked to do when they are on the job."
John Austin, CEO, Talegent

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