Testing Products Overview
A full selection of pre-employment assessments to meet your unique needs.
World-class assessments that will improve your quality of hire.
All of our assessments ...
  • Support better employment decisions.
  • Maximize ease of use.
  • Comply with legal standards.
  • Use job-related formats.
  • Apply the latest science.
  • Leverage technology and AI.
Test Types
We offer different types of assessments to fit your unique needs. Choose from 'all-in-one' job-specific tests that include everything to a la cart assessments that target specific skills and competencies.
Job-Specific 'All-In-One' Assessments
We've done all the thinking for you and incorporated the most important competencies for each job into a single test. Based on decades of government research, these tests make it easy to get the information you need about a candidate.

Pick the Job and Go - All tests are named by Job Title. You simply find the test most closely related to the job you are hiring for.

All Key Dimensions - Each job-specific assessment covers all the bases. Dimensions measured include knowledge, skills, ability, personality, emotional intelligence, and past behaviors.

Animated 'Day-in-the-life' - Each assessment starts with an animated simulation that mimics the environment and activities for the specific job. Candidates enjoy the experience and get a taste for what the job would be like.

Skills and Knowledge Tests
We offer a broad array of the most asked-for skills and knowledge tests. Here are some of the more popular categories:
Digital Efficacy Digital Literacy, Advanced Digital Literacy, Digital Adaptability, ...
Popular MS Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, ...
Administration Typing, Data Entry, 10 Key, ...
Spoken Language Candidates must hear and speak clearly in a specific language. Available in more than a dozen languages.
Written Language Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Proofreading, ...
Writing We use automated essay scoring to evaluate writing ability.
Knowledge Fundamentals Accounting, Bookkeeping, Customer Service, Management, Supervising, IT, ...
Other Assessments
We also offer a large selection of off-the-shelf assessments.
Personality and Emotional Intelligence Our personality modules explore how candidates view their own attitudes, interests, and motivations. How driven are they? Do they enjoy solving problems? Do they prefer working with a team? These tests are ideal for evaluating fit with your culture.
Cognitive Assessments Cognitive assessments provide a quick measure of a person's analytical thinking capability and their attention to detail.
Workplace Competencies Provide feedback to your employees on their ability to work with customers, team members, and in leadership positions. Our animated workplace competency assessments put test takers in realistic workplace scenarios to see how they would respond.
Past Behaviors & Habits Past behaviors are strong indicators of retention and performance. If you have high turnover within a job title, insight into a person's past behaviors and habits can help.
Pre-configured Virtual (recorded) Video Interviews We've pre-thought the most important video interview questions to ask candidates for different types of jobs. You can write your own questions, or you can use one of our 20+ pre-configured video interview assessments.
Value-Added Features
All of the following value-added features are available at no extra cost.
Works on Any Device   All assessments are designed for mobile and desktop devices.
Multiple Languages   Our system supports test takers who speak many languages around the globe, including English, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Dutch, and Spanish.
Comprehensive Reporting   Access test results via email, text message, website, and pdf files. Our reports use a common format that makes it easy to find the information you're looking for quickly, and structured interview guides provide the resources you need to probe further.
Optional Remote Proctoring   We offer a full array of options for ensuring the security of your testing program. For more information, please click here.
Optional Candidate Feedback Report   Most candidates completing online assessments never receive feedback on how they performed in their assessment. By default, we automatically send candidates a Candidate Feedback Report that, while it does not contain numbers, does contain valuable indications of how well a candidate performed in various areas and provides suggestions for improvement. This feature can be turned off by any client within your account settings.
Optional Candidate Interest Inventory   By default, we offer each candidate an optional, no-cost interest survey at the end of their assessment. If they complete the short survey, they are sent a report matching both their test scores (no scores are shared directly) AND their interests to specific job types using the US Government's O*Net database. This feature can be turned off by any client within your account settings.
Optional Integrated Automated Reference Checks   Assessments measure various characteristics that contribute to job performance. However, automated reference checks add a valuable dimension by providing insight into past performance. Now you can integrate an automated reference check directly into an assessment and obtain feedback from past supervisors and peers without any extra effort - or cost.
How to Get Started
Getting started is easy.   Simply register for a Free Trial Account. You'll receive two Candidate Credits which will allow you to test two different candidates with as many tests as you want. Many customers use these to evaluate several of our tests.
How do I find the test I need?   Simply visit our online test catalog and search using keywords and the various check boxes. If you have any trouble please contact us.
Receive Two Free Candidate Credits!

A Candidate Credit provides everything you need to test a candidate.

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