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Animation Background Illustrator Artist

Animation Background Illustrator Artist
3/8/15 8:00:00 PM EDT   Freelance
Illustration / Animation Background Artist Wanted: 

We’re looking for a talented illustrator o create background art (environments) for 2-d character animation in our current art style. The work will be done as a contractor and all work is to be performed as a work-for-hire.

We create animated clips that expand on our existing productions. You can see examples of our animations on our website:  https://www.hravatar.com/ta/catalog/avatarsa.xhtml;jsessionid=a869ca0fd0617c7696ee9392bbef and click on "backgrounds>semi-realistic"

Your responsibilities:

- Under the direction of our Creative Director, create concepts, mockups, and finished background illustration art in our current production style. 
- Communicate in English with creative director via Skype, screensharing, etc. during local business hours (9AM - 5PM GMT-4)
- Accept feedback, accommodate changes (review cycles)- Deliver background art as layered photoshop files for ingestion into our animation editing software.
- Develop work schedule and meet deadlines
- Work under fixed-price, hourly, daily, or weekly rates. (We have a wide variety of projects.)
- Be able to support a sizable project immediately

Be prepared to discuss an immediate project for 15 environment backgrounds. 

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