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The HR Avatar Blog


The HR Avatar Blog
1/20/16, 7:00:00 PM EST
By Mike Russiello
HR Avatar - Does college GPA predict future job performance?
Recently, some well-respected people have criticized the use of standard measurements like college GPA in selecting job candidates. There are so many different techniques for evaluating candidates, and so much noise concerning what works and what doesn't work. In this post, we look at a number of techniques in terms of how much they help you make hiring decisions, relative to one another. The results may surprise you!
1/18/16, 7:00:00 PM EST
By Shoa Appelman
Should You Use Employment Tests? Research Says YES.
The National Bureau of Economic Research has published a new study that confirms job tests, also known as pre-employment tests, significantly improve the quality of hire. In a study of over 300,000 hires, employees with positive test results stayed longer and were more productive than employees who were not recommended by the tests.
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