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That's great! We are a fast-moving, hard-working, socially conscious organization that rewards its team members based on performance. We take pride in making HR Avatar the kind of place where every team member knows he or she can make a difference.

Here's our core values:
  • We exist to help our customers make the best possible hiring decisions. This is our reason for being and guides all of our key decisions.
  • The trust we receive from our customers is our most precious asset. To maintain this trust, we insist on absolute integrity from every team member.
  • In return for their dedication to serving our customers, we are committed to long-term employee growth and well-being.
  • Our service is a team effort in which all team members deserve to share in the rewards of success.
  • To remain competitive, we promote continual improvement and innovation in all dimensions of our business.

HR Avatar offers competitive salaries and performance-based compensation for many positions. If our values resonate with who you are, please review the openings below and apply online if any position seems right for you.

Open Positions
Customer Support / Sales Representative - Full-time Full-Time 8/20/19, 4:04:43 PM EDT
Marketing Specialist - Full-time Full-Time 8/21/19, 4:53:36 PM EDT

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What Our Customers Say
"The tests make an awesome impression on our candidates. I couldn't imagine going back to a simple text-based testing method."
Brendan Keegan, President and CEO, Velocity Performance, Inc.
"Our candidates used to complain when we asked them to take tests, now they tell their friends about their experience!"
Alan Strauss, President, StartFinder
"Simulation-Based Assessments give the candidate a virtual snapshot of the work they will be asked to do when they are on the job."
John Austin, CEO, Talegent

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