HR Avatar introduces an Essential Service Worker Assessment


HR Avatar introduces an Essential Service Worker Assessment   April 15, 2022, 12:51:00 PM EDT

Aldie, VA, April 15, 2022—HR Avatar announces availability of its Essential Service Worker assessment.

The new Essential Service Worker assessment helps organizations hire lower-level, rank-and-file service workers both fairly and efficiently.

Selecting the right service employees is a critical function for many businesses. It's often the service employees who come in direct contact with customers and make the critical impressions that keep customers coming back. At the same time, great service workers are hard to find in today's ultra-competitive hiring environment. Companies need a tool that helps them identify strong candidates quickly and without placing a large burden on the applicant.

The new Essential Service Worker assessment is designed to give companies the information they need as efficiently and fairly as possible, while placing a minimum burden on each candidate. Available in both full and short versions, the test is a whole-person evaluation that measures job-relevant cognitive ability, personality, knowledge, skills, and relevant behavioral history.

Essential Service Worker assessment

This assessment can be used for a wide variety of service and support positions including: Retail Clerks, Housekeepers, Attendants, Groundskeepers, Janitorial Staff, Concierge, Restaurant Staff, Receptionists, Administrative Support Staff, and more.

Unlike our other assessments, the Essential Service Worker Assessment has a simplified cognitive test with less math-based questions and more focus on attention to detail, memory and logic/reasoning. The full version is designed to take only 20 minutes and the short version less than 15 minutes.

For more information, or to administer this exciting new assessment, please click here to view the detailed description in our online catalog.

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