New Applying Business Information and Reasoning Assessments


New Applying Business Information and Reasoning Assessments   September 15, 2022, 2:49:00 PM EDT

Aldie, VA, September 12, 2022—HR Avatar announces a new Applying Business Information Assessment and a line of cognitive reasoning assessments.

These tests are now available in the HR Avatar assessment catalog and can be administered as standalone assessments or as part of a test battery.

Cognitive PuzzleMany different jobs require employees to be able to digest and act on information. Our new Applying Business Information assessment is an easy way to confirm a candidate's ability to find information in graphs, charts, tables, and text passages and make inferences and draw actionable conclusions from that data.

The Applying Business Information - Basic version of this assessment is similar, but higher level analysis and interpretation is not measured.

Our new cognitive reasoning assessments measure your candidate's abilities to work with abstract concepts, apply logic to reach conclusions, reading comprehension, numeric analysis, and more.

Note that, when using any of these assessments for hiring or other employment decisions, it is important to validate that the competencies measured by the assessment are related to the job and do not unfairly discriminate against legally protected groups in the U.S. and other countries. HR Avatar offers services to assist in these validation activities, usually free of charge.

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