HR Avatar Launches 200+ Job-Specific, Simulation-Based Pre-Employment Tests


HR Avatar Launches 200+ Job-Specific, Simulation-Based Pre-Employment Tests   July 14, 2014, 8:00:00 PM EDT
Who says a pre-employment test has to be boring? After several years of product development, HR Avatar has officially released a line of tests that measure all key aspects of a job candidate AND keep things interesting for the test taker at the same time.

By combining the world class mobile-ready simulation authoring technology perfected by ClicFlic over the past 6 years with over a decade of job analysis research conducted the the US Department of Labor (O*NET), as well as several established and proven psychometric measurement tools, HR Avatar has achieved a true breakthrough in pre-employment testing.

What's more, test-takers seem to enjoy taking the test. This is because the test simulates real-life work-related scenarios. Psychologists have known for a long time that the more job-related a test is, the better experience is reported by the test taker. In a recent survey of over 200 test takers, more than 80 percent said the tests were significantly more engaging than other pre-employment tests they've taken.

Targeted for employers of any size, the HR Avatar tests offer several advantages to organizations looking to make better hiring decisions:
  1. Super easy-to-use, mobile-ready, self-service model
  2. Each test is designed for a specific job title.
  3. Each test measures multiple predictors of job success, including cognitive abilities, knowledge and skills, personality and work history.
  4. Includes simulations that require candidates to interact with animated avatars to perform job-related tasks
  5. Less expensive than competitive alternatives
Each test produces a comprehensive report that provides both summary-level results as well as detailed information on each measured trait or competency. Normative data comparing candidates to others is also presented.

To allow organizations to experience the power of simulation-based pre-employment testing, a free trial is available via the HR Avatar website at Additionally, an entertaining overview video is available by clicking here.

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