HR Avatar launches custom baseline capability


HR Avatar launches custom baseline capability   October 2, 2014, 8:00:00 PM EDT

HR Avatar launches custom profiling capability

Oakton, VA. October 2, 2014 - Animated employment test provider, HR Avatar Employment Tests, has activated a custom profiling tool to help clients hire the best employees.

Profiling refers to the practice of evaluating a candidate against a 'control group' of known high or low performers. By establishing a control group from existing employees in the same job, hiring managers can better interpret HR Avatar test scores and improve their hiring decision-making.

HR Avatar uses accumulated general psychological research, as well as US Department of Labor (O*NET) standards for job excellence to help hiring managers determine whether a candidate has the cognitive ability, personality, behavior and skills to succeed in the job role. Each test result reports on a candidate's cognitive ability, skills, knowledge, and behavioral history. However, since no two jobs are the same, the factors that determine success can vary from job to job. Organizations use custom baselines to establish standards that can be used to evaluate test scores based on performance in their specific job.

"Our job is to help customers improve their hiring decisions - avoiding bad hires and bringing in more top performers," said HR Avatar CEO Mike Russiello, "Our new profiling capability provides useful information to hiring managers at the time they need it most - when they are making their decision."

The HR Avatar tool is capable of supporting baselines compiled by testing a group of high performers, a group of both high and low performers, or through an extensive process of job analysis. For more information about using profiling in pre-employment testing, see our recent blog entry on profiling practices.

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Founded in 2009, HR Avatar is a privately held Virginia Corporation based outside Washington, D.C. in Oakton, VA. HR Avatar has spent years developing and perfecting simulation-based testing software, which is currently used by some of the largest companies in the pre-employment testing industry.

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