HR Avatar and HumRRO develop Virtual Ride Along


HR Avatar and HumRRO develop Virtual Ride Along   October 12, 2014, 8:00:00 PM EDT

Oakton, VA (October 13, 2014) - HR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests and Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO) partnered to build a Virtual Ride Along for International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) on Discover Policing, a recruitment resource dedicated to helping people learn more about law enforcement and determine whether a career in law enforcement is right for them.

The Virtual Ride Along shows a day-in-the life of a police officer as he attends the morning roll call, interacts with the community, assists with a traffic accident, works with store-owners and handles traffic violations. There are 10 different animated scenarios. After each scenario, viewers are asked questions to reflect on the scenarios they have seen and evaluate their overall interest in and fit with a career in policing. Viewers then receive feedback on their responses. Viewers are also invited to take a brief survey to determine whether their values align with the values of surveyed police officers.

The Virtual Ride Along is an innovative approach to a realistic job-preview. Realistic job previews provide potential applicants information on both positive and negative aspects of the job in order to decrease turnover: applicants apply with a better understanding of day-to-day operations. Policing faces a unique challenge in that movie and television depictions of police work are popular and portray police work in an unrealistic manner. Applicants frequently sign up to become police officers only to realize that the role is very different from the role portrayed in action movies. The Virtual Ride Along job preview demonstrates that policing really involves caring about community members, keeping people safe, writing detailed reports, and being actively involved in the community.

HR Avatar animated employment tests use proprietary technology to deliver online workplace scenarios: job-candidates interact with animated avatars to complete job-related tasks like interacting with customers, communicating ideas, and making recommendations based on analyzing the situation. HR Avatar's animation services and online platform for building assessments were an ideal complement to HumRRO's expertise in implementing custom, best-practice solutions to address clients' needs.

The Virtual Ride Along job preview can be experienced on the page:

The videos can also be seen on Discover Policing's youtube channel:

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Founded in 2009, HR Avatar is a privately held Virginia Corporation based outside Washington, D.C. in Oakton, VA. HR Avatar has spent years developing and perfecting simulation-based testing software, which is currently used by some of the largest companies in the pre-employment testing industry.

About Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO)
HumRRO is a nonprofit organization that consults with and conducts research and analysis for a wide range of federal agencies, commercial businesses, professional associations, state and local government and agencies within the national security community. They are an industry leader in developing high-stakes operational assessments used for both hiring and promotion, and leadership evaluation. HumRRO also has a rich history of conducting research regarding educational achievement and accountability, supporting human capital initiatives and credentialing programs, conducting personnel research and policy analysis, performing complex modeling and simulation efforts, and conducting survey research.

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