Simulations en Espanol, Anyone?


Simulations en Espanol, Anyone?   November 29, 2016, 7:00:00 PM EST

HR Avatar is proud to announce the availability of over 85 job-specific simulation-based assessments in Spanish. Through close collaboration with our Mexico City-based partner, Midot, we have translated and re-produced such popular simulation titles as Bank Teller and Customer Service Representative into Spanish. Both test administration and report generation have been translated.  

“We live in a bilingual world. Even in the United States, there is a huge spanish-speaking population, and many companies must be prepared to serve their customers in both english and spanish.” says HR Avatar President and CEO, Mike Russiello, “By making our simulation-based assessments available in multiple languages, we can help companies apply state of the art tools for all of their candidates.”

In addition to spanish, HR Avatar is actively translating its tests into Dutch and Hebrew.

Titles currently available in spanish include:

Agent - Purchasing (Spanish)

Aide - Home Health (Spanish)

Aide - Personal Care (Spanish)

Analyst - Market Research (Spanish)

Assembler / Fabricator - Other (Spanish)

Attendant - Amusement / Recreation (Spanish)

Attendant - Food Services (Spanish)

Baker (Spanish)

Bank Teller (Spanish)

Bank Teller with Sales (Spanish)

Bartender (Spanish)

Cashier (Spanish)

Cleaner - Vehicles and Equipment (Spanish)

Clerk - Counter / Rental (Spanish)

Clerk - Hotel, Motel, Resort (Spanish)

Collections Specialist (Spanish)

Computer Programmer (Spanish)

Computer Systems Analyst (Spanish)

Computer Systems Software Developer (Spanish)

Cook - Fast Food (Spanish)

Cook - Institution and Cafeteria (Spanish)

Cook - Restaurant (Spanish)

Cook - Short Order (Spanish)

Customer Service Representative - With Sales (Spanish)

Customer Service Representative (Spanish)

Dental Assistant (Spanish)

Dental Hygienist (Spanish)

Dishwasher (Spanish)

Driver - Sales and Delivery (Spanish)

Driver - School Bus (Spanish)

Driver Transit and Intercity Bus (Spanish)

Executive Secretary / Administrative Assistant (Spanish)

Fast Food Worker (Spanish)

First-Line Supervisor - Construction / Extraction (Spanish)

First-Line Supervisor - Helpers, Laborers, and Material Movers (Spanish)

First-Line Supervisor - Housekeeping and Janitorial (Spanish)

First-Line Supervisor - Mechanics, Installers, Repairers (Spanish)

First-Line Supervisor - Non-Retail Sales (Spanish)

First-Line Supervisor - Office and Administrative Support (Spanish)

First-Line Supervisor - Production / Operations (Spanish)

First-Line Supervisor - Retail Sales (Spanish)

First-Line Supervisor - Transportation and Material-Moving (Spanish)

Food Preparation Worker (Spanish)

Food Server - Nonrestaurant (Spanish)

General Project Manager (Spanish)

Hairdresser, Hairstylist, Cosmetologist (Spanish)

Helper - Dining Room and Cafeteria (Spanish)

Helper - Production (Spanish)

Host / Hostess - Restaurant (Spanish)

Information Technology Project Manager (Spanish)

Inspector, Tester, Sorter, Sampler, Weigher (Spanish)

Installer / Repairer - Telecommunications Equipment (Spanish)

Janitor (Spanish) (Spanish)

Laborer - Agricultural (Spanish)

Laborer - Construction (Spanish)

Laborer - Freight and Warehouse (Spanish)

Laborer - Landscaping and Groundskeeping (Spanish)

Laborer - Packing / Packaging (Spanish)

Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Worker (Spanish)

Legal Secretary (Spanish)

Loan Interviewer (Spanish)

Loan Officer (Spanish)

Machinist (Spanish)

Maid / Housekeeping Cleaner (Spanish)

Mail Carrier (Spanish)

Manager - Financial (Spanish)

Manager - Industrial Production (Spanish)

Manager - Marketing (Spanish)

Manager - Sales (Spanish)

Nursing Assistant (Spanish)

Operator - Industrial Trucks / Tractors (Spanish)

Paralegal /Legal Assistant (Spanish)

Recreation Worker (Spanish)

Retail Salesperson (Spanish)

Sales Agent - Real Estate (Spanish)

Sales Agent - Securities, Financial Services (Spanish)

Sales Representative - Services (Spanish)

Sales Representative - Technical and Scientific (Spanish)

Sales Representative - Wholesale & Manufacturing (Spanish)

Salesperson - Parts and Accessories (Spanish)

Secretary / Administrative Assistant (Spanish)

Specialist - Computer User Support (Spanish)

Specialist - Human Resources (Spanish)

Taxi Driver / Chauffeur (Spanish)

Technician - General Maintenance and Repair (Spanish)

Trimmer - Meat, Poultry, and Fish (Spanish)

Waiter / Waitress (Spanish)

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