HR Avatar Makes Life Easier with Updated Product Catalog


HR Avatar Makes Life Easier with Updated Product Catalog   January 11, 2018, 7:00:00 PM EST

Here at HR Avatar we are committed to being the easiest pre-employment testing company to use.

We are also committed to providing every company, no matter what size, the tools they need to make their pre-employment testing decisions objective and good. In that vein, our test catalog has grown over the years. In addition to offering over 200 job specific tests, we offer:

  • Voice Based tests where test takers can call in so we can assess their speaking skills in English, Spanish, Russian, French, and more!

  • Skills tests, such as writing and MS Excel,

  • Career interest inventories, where test-takers can receive a personalized report of roles they may be a good fit for, based on their interests,

  • Workplace Development assessments, to identify strengths and weaknesses for different roles,

  • And job specific tests in several languages, including Spanish, Dutch, and Hebrew.

And even though we are excited to offer all of these tests, we know that more options means it might be harder to find the test you need.

So, we have rolled out a New Catalog, updating the functionality so you can find the test you are looking for, faster.


The Search box and the Test Category list will be on the LEFT, instead of the RIGHT. (Obviously, we’re not looking to upend your life. We just want to make things a little easier to spot.) The default will have Job-Specific Assessments checked. This was the case before, but instead of check-boxes, we had highlights, so you might not have known that was what you were seeing. Job-specific tests are all-in-one solutions with cognitive ability, personality, and skills measured in one test.

When you enter in the Keyword, search results in the checked categories will appear. In this example, tests related to Administrative in the Job-Specific category appear. When you check the other boxes, the tests in those categories related to the search will appear as well.

You can expand each field by clicking on the marker to the left. For example, click to expand Other Assessments to select the assessment types you would like to see and search through.

For Language, expand the Language category, and select the Language for the tests you would like to see. Remember, for tests in other languages, if you would like to see reports in English in addition to reports in the Source language, select Include English Reports in your account settings.

If you have Test Batteries, the batteries will appear as the top category.

And of course, you can access your favorites by clicking My Favorites any time.

If you have any questions about the Catalog or any HR Avatar tests, please give us a call! We are happy to help: (703) 688-3981

About HR Avatar, Inc.

Founded in 2009, HR Avatar is a privately held Virginia Corporation based outside Washington, D.C. HR Avatar offers a catalog of over 200 simulation based assessments and has spent years developing and perfecting simulation-based testing software. HR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests are objective and easy-to-use for small, medium, and large businesses.

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