Career Interest Survey with Job Match Report (Indonesian)

Miscellaneous Assessment (Test)

Provides a fast but effective survey of a candidate's work-related interests and affinities and uses results to match to suggested job types.

The resulting job match report is automatically emailed to candidates and is also posted to the employer's online account.

While the survey can produce a report on its own, it will also utilize test scores from any standard HR Avatar Job-Specific assessment taken at the same sitting to produce a more accurate and precise set of results - resulting in better information for the candidate. Test scores are never presented in the job match report.

When administered by itself, this survey costs 10 credits per administration.

HOWEVER, the survey is FREE when it is combined with any Job-Specific HR Avatar assessment in a test battery.

Additionally, a client's account is set up to automatically offer it the survey as an optional assessment following any Job-Specific HR Avatar assessment. This feature is enabled by default and is a great way to give the candidate something in return for taking the time to complete an assessment. The employer gets a score report providing objective, whole-person data on the test taker that can be used in determining whether to hire a person or not, while the candidate gets a professional job match report that helps them evaluate what types of jobs they appear to be best suited for, based on their interests AND their actual assessment scores (these scores are not shared in the job match report, just the job types that appear best for the candidate).
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Approximate Duration: 00:07:00.000

(HR Avatar Use Only) pid=3500, Sim

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