Pre-Hire Personality (Customer Service Focus, Swipe Format)

Pre-Hire Personality (Customer Service Focus, Swipe Format)

Personality/Job-Fit Assessment (Test)


The Pre-Hire Personality Assessment (Customer Service Focus) is designed to measure six critical personality attributes of candidates that have been proven to relate to performance on the job, with a special emphasis on customer service. This test measures a candidate's attitudes, interests, and motivations (AIMS). The purpose of the assessment is to determine performance potential and fit with others. Several scales indicate performance potential, while others indicate how well the candidate will get along with others on your team.

This SWIPE version uses a swiping format designed to make the test more enjoyable to candidates. The SWIPE format also results in much faster administration. Additionally, an adaptive in-test scoring approach also reduces the items that are exposed and results in a lower testing time.

This test is mobile ready and operates on desktops, laptops and most modern mobile devices.

The six critical personality attributes measured are:

  • Adaptability
  • Customer Service Mindset
  • Drive
  • Empathy and Emotional Self-Control
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork

The results report provides a description of each scale, as well as sample interview questions to help hiring managers probe areas in which the score causes a concern.

Note that while this assessment is a powerful instrument for evaluating a candidate for "fit" with a job, it is not intended to be a developmental instrument. The test report is structured to assist hiring managers in evaluating factors that often contribute to job performance and others that often detract from performance. The assessment also assists hiring managers by highlighting areas to probe during job interviews. The result report is not designed to provide any type of advice to job candidates on how to improve their performance.

Language:US English
Time to Complete:7 Minutes (Approximately)
Patent Pending
Specifications:Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile (any device with an internet browser)

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