Specialist - Training and Development (Short plus Video Interview)

Specialist - Training and Development (Short plus Video Interview)

Job-Specific Whole-Person Assessment (Test)

This virtual video interview uses custom questions prepared using the HR Avatar Custom Tests development tool, which is available to authorized users in their online account.
Name:CT6 Specialist - Training and Development (Short plus Video Interview)
Identifier:CT6 Specialist - Training and Development (Short plus Video Interview)
Type:Video Interview Assessment
Description:This assessment provides scores for a number of important factors and competencies that are related to success on the job. Scores are presented based on their potential impact on job performance. Scores are presented individually on a scale of 0-100. In most cases, including the overall score, higher scores represent higher expected job performance. However, for some competencies, either extreme low or extreme high scores indicate a risk of lower performance. Refer to the interpretation section of each competency for additional information. Individual competency scores are also combined into a single overall score. Please note that individual competencies are weighted differently, depending on their type, and on fine adjustments based on data from the US Government's Occupational Data Network (O*Net). Each competency measured includes one or more suggested interview questions, in an easy-to-use format. These questions should be used for additional probing, especially when the score shows an area of relative weakness. Some of the competencies measured evaluate preferences for doing (or not doing) specific activities. Scores for these competencies can be used to evaluate job-fit. We wish to emphasize that the data contained in this report should be used as part of a comprehensive process for evaluating job candidates. Additional data should include in-person interviews, job tryouts, resume review, and background checks.
Language:English (US)
Video Interview Questions:2
Non-Video Interview Questions:117
Competencies Covered:
  • Interview Questions
  • Written Interview Questions
  • Analytical Thinking and Attention to Detail
  • Writing
  • Aims Practice
  • Adaptability
  • Empathy and Emotional Self-Control
  • Drive
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • History Survey - Performance
  • History Survey - Tenure
Language: Onet SOC:
13-1151.00   (Onet Version 26.3) Approximate Duration:
00:00:30.000 Simulation Context:
Business and Financial Operations

(HR Avatar Use Only) pid=5602, CTB Direct Test

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