First-Line Supervisor - Construction / Extraction

Job-Specific Whole-Person Assessment (Test)

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Candidates typically need about 45 minutes to complete our full-length job-specific assessments. Our short versions take less than half that time. Like our standard assessments, these tests are based on the U.S. Government Occupational Information Network (O*Net). They do not contain the animated simulation module, however, though they still provide valuable information about all critical performance-related dimensions. Additionally, the short versions optionally include 1-2 virtual video interview questions! Click below for more information:

First-Line Supervisor - Construction / Extraction (Short)

First-Line Supervisor - Construction / Extraction

Directly supervise and coordinate activities of construction or extraction workers.

Top activities and tasks for this job:
  • Inspect work progress, equipment, or construction sites to verify safety or to ensure that specifications are met.
  • Read specifications, such as blueprints, to determine construction requirements or to plan procedures.
  • Supervise, coordinate, or schedule the activities of construction or extractive workers.
  • Communicating with Supervisors, Peers, or Subordinates
  • Assign work to employees, based on material or worker requirements of specific jobs.
  • Coordinate work activities with other construction project activities.
  • Making Decisions and Solving Problems
  • Estimate material or worker requirements to complete jobs.

About the test (Full Version)

The HR Avatar First-Line Supervisor - Construction / Extraction Pre-Employment Assessment was designed to help you hire staff in this role. The test provides a whole-person evaluation by measuring job-relevant cognitive ability, personality, knowledge, skills, and relevant behavioral history. Each component provides important data for hiring decisions. Cognitive ability has been linked to overall job performance in most jobs and correlates with a candidate's ability to learn new skills and to solve complex problems. Personality characteristics determine how well the candidate will fit-in with a corporate culture. Knowledge and skills indicate how much training will be needed before a new employee becomes productive. Finally, relevant behavioral history detects counter-productive behaviors that can impact job performance.

The First-Line Supervisor - Construction / Extraction test includes an animated work simulation in which candidates meet customers, colleagues and supervisors in a job-related context. Post-test surveys indicate the majority of candidates react favorably to these simulations.

The specific attributes measured include:

Cognitive Ability
  • Analytical Thinking and Attention to Detail
  Knowledge and Skills
  • Construction Fundamentals
  • First-Line Supervisory Fundamentals
  • Adaptability
  • Drive
  • Integrity
  • Maintaining Awareness of Team Member Needs
  • Managing Resources & Balancing Priorities
  • Resilience
  • Teamwork
  Emotional Intelligence
  • Empathy and Emotional Self-Control
Behavioral History
  • History Survey - Performance
  • History Survey - Tenure

Following completion, the test produces a Candidate Selection Report that includes an overall score and detailed scores for each attribute. The overall score weighs each of the factors based on research and analysis from the U.S. Government's Occupational Information Network (O*Net). O*Net represents over a decade of dedicated research evaluating the relative importance of various factors that lead to success in almost 1,000 different job roles.

The Candidate Selection Report also provides expert interview questions that help you probe critical or low-scoring areas, along with a guide for noting your evaluation of the candidate's responses. Consistent use of an interview guide is an important part of gaining better candidate insights and making better hiring decisions.

Language:English (US)
Time to Complete:40 Minutes (Approximately)
O*Net SOC Code:47-1011.00
Simulation Context:Supervisory or Team Leadership
O*Net Context:Construction and Extraction
More information about this Job
Annual US Wages (2022)
Bottom 10%:
$47,600 or less
Bottom 25%:
$59,100 or less
$74,080 (Average)
Top 25%:
$93,800 or more
Top 10%:
$116,940 or more

Hourly US Wages (2022)
Bottom 10%:
$22.89 or less
Bottom 25%:
$28.41 or less
$35.62 (Average)
Top 25%:
$45.10 or more
Top 10%:
$56.22 or more

US Employment Statistics
2032 (projected):
Annual U.S. Job Openings:66,600

Top Knowledge Requirements
  • Administration and Management
  • Building and Construction
  • Mechanical
  • Customer and Personal Service
  • English Language
  • Design
  • Public Safety and Security
  • Mathematics
Top Skills
  • Coordination
  • Active Listening
  • Speaking
  • Management of Personnel Resources
  • Critical Thinking
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Monitoring
  • Time Management
Top Abilities
  • Oral Comprehension
  • Oral Expression
  • Problem Sensitivity
  • Near Vision
  • Information Ordering
  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Written Comprehension
  • Speech Clarity
Education Requirements
No High School Diploma:
High School Diploma:
Post-Secondary Certificate:
Some College:
Associate's Degree (2 yr):
Bachelor's Degree:
This graphic shows the percentage of people in this role who have their highest education in each category.
Related Work Experience Requirements
6 Months - 1 Year:
1 - 2 Years:
2 - 4 Years:
4 - 6 Years:
6 - 8 Years:
8 - 10 Years:
More than 10 Years:
This graphic shows the percentage of people in this role whose related work experience before they entered this position falls into each category.

Alternate Titles for this Role: Acoustical Tile Carpenters' Supervisor, Adjustable Steel Joist Setting Supervisor, Asbestos Removal Supervisor, Asphalt Paving Supervisor, Awning Hanger Supervisor, Bailer Operators' Supervisor, Bailer Tenders' Supervisor, Billposting Supervisor, Brick Chimney Supervisor, Bricklayer Supervisor, Brickmason Supervisor, Building Construction Superintendent, Building Insulation Supervisor, Building Repair Maintenance Supervisor, Building Superintendent, Building Supervisor, Carpenter Foreman, Carpenter Supervisor, Carpenters' Supervisor, Carpentry Supervisor, Cement Finishing Supervisor, Chimney Construction Supervisor, Clearing Supervisor, Coal Mine Production Foreman, Concrete Finishing Supervisor, Concrete Foreman, Concreting Supervisor, Construction Foreman, Construction Supervisor, Core Drilling Supervisor, Dike Supervisor, Dimension Stone Quarry Supervisor, Doping Supervisor, Dredge Operator Supervisor, Drilling Foreman, Drilling Superintendent, Drywall Application Supervisor, Electrical Foreman, Electrical Supervisor, Electrician Supervisor, Excavating Supervisor, Face Boss, Fence Erector Supervisor, Field Assembly Supervisor, Field Operations Supervisor, Field Supervisor, Gang Supervisor, Gas Line Installer Supervisor, Glazier Supervisor, Harvesting Supervisor, Highway Maintenance Supervisor, House Mover Supervisor, House Moving Supervisor, Insulation Foreman, Insulation Supervisor, Iron Work Supervisor, Joiners' Supervisor, Labor Crew Supervisor, Labor Gang Supervisor, Lathing Supervisor, Lock Maintenance Supervisor, Longwall Foreman, Maintenance Supervisor, Marble Installer Supervisor, Marble Supervisor, Masonry Supervisor, Mine Boss, Mine Captain, Mine Supervisor, Miners' Boss, Mining Captain, Mixing Place Supervisor, Mold Construction Supervisor, Oil Well Services Field Supervisor, Oil Well Services Supervisor, Open Pit Quarry Supervisor, Ornamental Ironworking Supervisor, Painter Supervisor, Painting Supervisor, Paperhanger Supervisor, Paving Supervisor, Pile Driving Supervisor, Pipe Fitter Supervisor, Pipeline Gang Supervisor, Pipeline Maintenance Supervisor, Pipelines Supervisor, Pit Supervisor, Plastering Supervisor, Plumber Supervisor, Plumbing Foreman, Prefabricated Homes Field Assembly Supervisor, Quarry Boss, Railroad Track Repair Supervisor, Reclamation Supervisor, Reinforced Steel Placing Supervisor, Rig Superintendent, Rig Supervisor, Rigging Supervisor, Right-of-Way Maintenance Supervisor, Riprap Placing Supervisor, Road Boss, Road Gang Supervisor, Road Supervisor, Roofing Supervisor, Roustabout Crew Leader, Roustabout Field Supervisor, Sanitary Landfill Supervisor, Segmental Paving Supervisor, Service Supervisor, Sewer Maintenance Supervisor, Sewer Systems Supervisor, Sheet Metal Duct Worker Supervisor, Sheet Metal Foreman, Shipyard Painting Supervisor, Sign Builder Supervisor, Sign Hanger Supervisor, Site Superintendent, Site Supervisor, Solar Panel Installation Supervisor, Steam Distribution Supervisor, Steamfitter Supervisor, Steel Pan Form Placing Supervisor, Steel Post Installer Supervisor, Steel Work Supervisor, Stonemason Supervisor, Street Supervisor, Structural Steel Erection Supervisor, Suction Dredge Pipe Line Placing Supervisor, Surface Boss, Surface Supervisor, Swimming Pool Maintenance Supervisor, Tank Builder Supervisor, Tankage Supervisor, Taping Supervisor, Terrazzo Supervisor, Test Boring Crew Chief, Tile Layer Supervisor, Track Laying Supervisor, Track Repair Supervisor, Track Subway Repair Supervisor, Track Superintendent, Track Supervisor, Traffic Maintenance Supervisor, Traffic Sign Supervisor, Tunnel Heading Supervisor, Utilities and Maintenance Supervisor, Utilities Supervisor, Water Softener Service Supervisor, Water Systems Supervisor, Waterproofing Supervisor, Wood Boat Builder Supervisor, Wrecking Supervisor

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