Clerk - Billing and Posting


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Clerk - Billing and Posting (Short)

Clerk - Billing and Posting

Compile, compute, and record billing, accounting, statistical, and other numerical data for billing purposes. Prepare billing invoices for services rendered or for delivery or shipment of goods.

Top activities and tasks for this job:
  • Post stop-payment notices to prevent payment of protested checks.
  • Verify accuracy of billing data and revise any errors.
  • Verify signatures and required information on checks.
  • Prepare itemized statements, bills, or invoices and record amounts due for items purchased or services rendered.
  • Perform bookkeeping work, including posting data or keeping other records concerning costs of goods or services or the shipment of goods.
  • Working with Computers
  • Operate typing, adding, calculating, or billing machines.
  • Weigh envelopes containing statements to determine correct postage and affix postage, using stamps or metering equipment.

About the test (Full Version)

The HR Avatar Clerk - Billing and Posting Pre-Employment Assessment was designed to help you hire staff in this role. The test provides a whole-person evaluation by measuring job-relevant cognitive ability, personality, knowledge, skills, and relevant behavioral history. Each component provides important data for hiring decisions. Cognitive ability has been linked to overall job performance in most jobs and correlates with a candidate's ability to learn new skills and to solve complex problems. Personality characteristics determine how well the candidate will fit-in with a corporate culture. Knowledge and skills indicate how much training will be needed before a new employee becomes productive. Finally, relevant behavioral history detects counter-productive behaviors that can impact job performance.

The Clerk - Billing and Posting test includes an animated work simulation in which candidates meet customers, colleagues and supervisors in a job-related context. Post-test surveys indicate the majority of candidates react favorably to these simulations.

The specific attributes measured include:

Cognitive Ability
  • Attention to Detail
  Knowledge and Skills
  • Data Entry
  • Adaptability
  • Drive
  • Integrity
  • Resilience
  • Teamwork
  Behavioral History
  • History Survey - Performance
  • History Survey - Tenure

Following completion, the test produces a Candidate Selection Report that includes an overall score and detailed scores for each attribute. The overall score weighs each of the factors based on research and analysis from the U.S. Government's Occupational Information Network (O*Net). O*Net represents over a decade of dedicated research evaluating the relative importance of various factors that lead to success in almost 1,000 different job roles.

The Candidate Selection Report also provides expert interview questions that help you probe critical or low-scoring areas, along with a guide for noting your evaluation of the candidate's responses. Consistent use of an interview guide is an important part of gaining better candidate insights and making better hiring decisions.

Language:English (US)
Time to Complete:40 Minutes (Approximately)
O*Net SOC Code:43-3021.00
Simulation Context:Lower-Level Administrative
O*Net Context:Office and Administrative Support
More information about this Job
Annual US Wages (2023)
Bottom 10%:
$34,360 or less
Bottom 25%:
$38,390 or less
$45,590 (Average)
Top 25%:
$52,170 or more
Top 10%:
$62,530 or more

Hourly US Wages (2023)
Bottom 10%:
$16.52 or less
Bottom 25%:
$18.46 or less
$21.92 (Average)
Top 25%:
$25.08 or more
Top 10%:
$30.06 or more

US Employment Statistics
2032 (projected):
Annual U.S. Job Openings:46,700

Top Knowledge Requirements
  • Administrative
  • Customer and Personal Service
  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Computers and Electronics
  • Economics and Accounting
  • Administration and Management
  • Law and Government
Top Skills
  • Active Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Critical Thinking
  • Service Orientation
  • Monitoring
  • Time Management
  • Social Perceptiveness
Top Abilities
  • Oral Comprehension
  • Oral Expression
  • Speech Recognition
  • Near Vision
  • Problem Sensitivity
  • Speech Clarity
  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Information Ordering

Alternate Titles for this Role: Account Analyst, Account Services Representative, Accounting Assistant, Accounting Clerk, Accounting Machine Operator, Accounting Staff Assistant, Accounts Adjustable Clerk, Accounts Payable Associate, Accounts Payable Clerk, Accounts Payable Coordinator, Accounts Receivable Clerk, Accounts Receivable Coordinator, Adding Machine Operator, Audit Machine Operator, Bill Checker, Bill Clerk, Bill of Lading Clerk, Bill of Materials Clerk (BOM Clerk), Biller, Billing Analyst, Billing Assistant, Billing Clerk, Billing Control Clerk, Billing Coordinator, Billing Representative, Billing Specialist, Billing Staff Assistant, Billing Typist, Bookkeeping Assistant, Calculator Operator, Certified Coding Specialist, Check Totaler, Check Writer, COD Clerk (Cash On Delivery Clerk), Comptometer Operator, Comptometrist, Contract Administrator, Cost Accounting Clerk, Cost Recorder, Credit Analyst, Data Processor, Delivery Service Pricer, Demurrage Agent, Demurrage Clerk, Demurrage Worker, Deposit Clerk, Deposit Refund Clerk, Documentation Billing Clerk, Electric Accounting Machine Operator (EAM Operator), Estimate Clerk, Evaluator, Fee Clerk, Financial Processor, Foreign Clerk, Freight Rate Analyst, Freight Rate Clerk, Freight Rate Specialist, Insurance Coder, Insurance Rater, Insurance Specialist, Interline Clerk, Invoice Checker, Invoice Clerk, Invoice Control Clerk, Invoice Machine Operator, Invoicing Specialist, Item Processing Clerk, Item Processor, Laundry Pricing Clerk, Machine Accountant, Machine Biller, Medical Biller, Medical Billing Clerk, Medical Billing Coder, Medical Billing Specialist, Medical Coder, Medical Coding Specialist, Medical Insurance Biller, Medical Insurance Coder, Medical Reimbursement Specialist, Medical Voucher Clerk, Message Service Pricer, NCR Operator (National Cash Register Operator), Operations Clerk, Patient Account Representative, Patient Financial Representative, Patient Service Representative, Payroll Machine Operator, Personal Property Assessor, Policy Value Calculator, Post Tronic Machine Operator, Posting Clerk, Posting Machine Operator, Price Lister, Pricer, Pricing Clerk, Principal Account Clerk, Processing Clerk, Proof Machine Operator, Rate Clerk, Rate Examiner, Rate Marker, Rate Reviewer, Rate Setter, Rater, Rating Clerk, Rating Examiner, Receipt Clerk, Receivables Specialist, Reconciler, Reconciliation Clerk, Reconciliation Machine Operator, Reconciliation Processor, Reconciling Clerk, Reimbursement Specialist, Report Clerk, Revising Clerk, Sample Clerk, Securities Clerk, Services Clerk, Settlement Clerk, Spot Billing Clerk, Statement Clerk, Statement Distribution Clerk, Statement Processor, Statement Rendering Processor, Statement Services Representative, Tax Clerk, Telegraph Service Rater, Toll Settlement Clerk, Toll Ticket Clerk, Tonnage Compilation Clerk, Traffic Rate Clerk, Traffic Rate Computer, Tray Checker, Voucher Clerk, Wharfinger, Yard Demurrage Clerk

Related Jobs based on Skills & Abilities: Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks, Insurance Claims and Policy Processing Clerks, Customer Service Representatives, Payroll and Timekeeping Clerks, Brokerage Clerks, Office Clerks, General, Credit Authorizers, Checkers, and Clerks, Bill and Account Collectors, File Clerks, Order Clerks, Accountants and Auditors, Tellers, Tax Examiners and Collectors, and Revenue Agents, Receptionists and Information Clerks, Statistical Assistants, Credit Analysts, Loan Interviewers and Clerks, Correspondence Clerks, Financial Managers

(Internal Use) pid=6211, CTB Direct Test

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Activities performed during the Test
  • Proofread a letter for grammatical errors.
  • Resolve problems in expense reports.
  • Highlight problem areas in travel authorization requests.
  • Communicate maintenance schedule updates to employees.
  • Register an employee for an event.

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