Sensing Customer Needs (Game-Based)


The Sensing Customer Needs (Game-Based) assessment evaluates the ability of a candidate to rapidly pinpoint the near-term needs of a caller through listening. The assessment presents questions in a fun, game-like format that makes it more engaging to the candidate. Test-takers advance to higher levels by correctly identifying needs. When the target level is achieved or the time limit is encountered, the game ends.

Fast and fun, this assessment is an ideal tool to use for initial screening of many different customer facing roles. The test's game-like approach reduces drop out rate and makes a positive impression on applicants.

The assessment provides scores for a single competency: Sensing Customer Needs. Candidates demonstrate this important competency by reading or listening to customer statements and then formulating conclusions about that each customer is telling them at each stage of a conversation.

This test is mobile ready and operates on desktops, laptops and most modern mobile devices.

The competency measured is:

  • Sensing Customer Needs

These two competencies represent essential success factors for virtually all sales-oriented positions.

The results report provides a description of each scale, as well as sample interview questions to help hiring managers probe areas in which the score causes a concern.

Note that while this assessment is a powerful instrument for evaluating a candidate for "fit" with a job, it is not intended to be a developmental instrument. The test report is structured to assist hiring managers in evaluating factors that often contribute to job performance and others that often detract from performance. The assessment also assists hiring managers by highlighting areas to probe during job interviews. The result report is not designed to provide any type of advice to job candidates on how to improve their performance.

Language:US English
Time to Complete:10 Minutes (Approximately)
Specifications:Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile (any device with an internet browser)

(Internal Use) pid=6536, CTB Direct Test

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