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Start screening candidates in minutes with our 14 day Free Trial and you'll experience how HR Avatar's pre-employment tests and screening tools help you make great hires.
Your free trial includes everything you need to test and interview two candidates, including:
  • 2 Free Candidate Credits (enough for 2 candidates)
  • Access to over 300 Assessments
  • Automated Reference Checks
  • Custom Interview Guides
  • Remote Test Proctoring
  • Virtual (recorded) Video Interviews
  • Live Video Interviewing
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Our software is incredibly easy to use. Simply choose a test from our catalog, generate a test key and send it to your candidate. When the test is completed you'll get the results quickly in a comprehensive, detailed report.
No purchase required. No credit card required. No sales call required. Support is available if you need it. No risk, just easy-to-use pre-employment tests that help you make better hires, without the hassle.   Eligibility Rules


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