3 Easy Steps to Improve Candidate Experience


3 Easy Steps to Improve Candidate Experience
May 15, 2019, 8:00:00 PM EDT   By Shoa Appelman

It’s difficult being a job applicant: applicants have to fill out several forms, they don’t know who is reading their resume, and navigating through the process can be frustrating.

As a recruiter or a hiring manager, you don’t want to miss out on good applicants because of a cumbersome process. It’s important to strike a balance between having the information you need to make the right hiring decision and demonstrating to your candidates that you care.

Here are 3 easy steps to improve the candidate experience:

1) Communicate with the candidate.

Let the candidate know you have received their application. Some candidates will fill out an online application and never hear back. That’s not good. In some cases your applicants are also customers, so this can have a negative effect on how the candidate perceives the company, affecting your bottom line. 30% of candidates who have a negative candidate experience share that experience with others, so negative experiences affect a company's employment brand and sales.

Even if it’s an automated message, you should communicate to the candidate in some way that you have received their application and what to expect next. And if you are not ready to hire the applicant, let them know, so they are not left wondering about their status.

2) Make sure tests are easy to access and use.

If you are using HR Avatar tests, this step is taken care of for you. Applicants click on a link that is emailed to them to start the test. The tests will work on any browser, with no additional installation steps required. Tests also work on tablets and mobile devices.

HR Avatar tests are also simulation based. Customers and co-workers ask the applicant questions, and the applicant responds to questions that are work related. So rather than answering abstract questions about shapes or number patterns, the test taker is analyzing customer concerns, making sure a product meets technical requirements, or calculating the cheapest product option. In short, test takers are completing work-related tasks so the hiring manager and recruiter can determine if the applicant pays attention to details, can think analytically and can communicate effectively.

Candidates appreciate these kinds of tests, because they are engaging and work-related. In fact, an applicant is far more likely to complete an HR Avatar test than they are likely to complete a test from another pre-employment test vendor.

3) Give back to the applicant.

You might not be able to give every applicant a job offer. That’s expected. However, you can give an applicant something to take away from the process. HR Avatar tests offer a free Career Interest Survey at the end of the test. Test takers can complete a quick survey and receive a detailed report about jobs that could be potential fit for them, based on their interests. The report includes details about different positions, the skills needed to succeed in the roles, and other information to help the candidate on their quest for the right job fit. To see a sample career interest report, click on the report icon below.

Finding the right applicant for a job is difficult, and applying for a job is difficult too. Taking a step back and making sure you are factoring candidate experience into the process can help you get great applicants and hold on to a positive corporate brand.

Shoa Appelman

If you do not currently use pre-employment tests to help improve the hiring process, and you want to try a test for yourself or on your next hire, consider signing up for a free trial.

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