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Angular Style   |   Straight Style   |   Yellow Style
Semi-realistic with detailed lighting.
This semi-realistic style uses realistic proportions and scale, and semi-realistic saturated textures and complex lighting details. Some backgrounds in this style are a "straight" version of a similar background in out Angular-Style.
Click any image for a closer view.
Manager Office 1a
Manager Office 1b
Manager Office 1c
Manager Office 1d
Small Conf Room 1
Small Con. Room 2
Water Cooler 1
Water Cooler 2
Retail Store Front 1
Retail Showroom 1
Retail Showroom 2
Retail Sales Floor 1
Park 1
Park 2
Park 3
Park 4
Park 5
Hospital Hallway 1
Tank 1
Tank Motorpool
Training Field
Road Trail 1
Road Trail 2
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