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Angular Style   |   Straight Style   |   Yellow Style
Semi-realistic with angular distortions.
The majority of our productions use animation backgrounds created in our Angular style. HR Avatar specifically designed this style for corporate testing and training simulations which need to engage professional audiences. The art style mixes realistic scale and proportions with distorted angles and some toony colors. This visual approach helps viewers play along and focus on the content of the simulation. We have more backgrounds in this style than any other.
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Manager Office 1a
Manager Office 1b
Manager Office 1c
Conference Room 1
Water Cooler 1
Water Cooler 2
Cubicle Passsage 1
Cubicle 1a
Cubicle 1b
Break Room 1
Break Room Vending
Break Room Copier
Break Roomn Printer
Break Room Coffee Station 1a
Break Room Coffee Station 1b
Break Room Kitchen 1
Manager Office 2a
Manager Office 2b
Manager Office 2c
Office Building 1
Office Building 2
Small Office Building
Retail Storefront
Retail Floor 1
Retail Sales Counter
Military Base 1
Military Office 1a
Military Office 1b
Military Office 1c
Large Conference Room 1a
Large Conference Room 1b
Office 551 (View 1)
Office 551 (View 2)
Office 552 (View 1)
Office 552 (View 2)
Office 553 (View 1)
Office 553 (View 2)
Office 554 (View 1)
Office 554 (View 2)
Office 555 (View 1)
Office 555 (View 2)
Office 556 (View 1)
Office 556 (View 2)
Office 557 (View 1)
Office 557 (View 2)
Office 525 (View 1)
Office 525 (View 2)
Office 526 (View 1)
Office 526 (View 2)
Office 527 (View 1)
Office 527 (View 2)
Office 528 (View 1)
Office 528 (View 2)
Office 529 (View 1)
Office 529 (View 2)
Office 529 (View 3)
Office 530 (View 1)
Office 530 (View 2)
Office 531 (View 1)
Office 531 (View 2)
Medical Office Area
Medical Hallway
Large Meeting Hall
Coffee Shop
Tire Auto Shop
Appliance Store
Big Box Electronics
Toy Store
Sporting Goods Store Shoe Department
Mobile Phone Store
Department Store Checkout
Department Store Layaway Counter
Eyeglass Store
Call Center
Government Permit Office
Cubicle at Night
Bank Interior
Bank Interior -Teller POV
Bank Manager Office
Building - Elevator
Home - Bathroom
Home - Bedroom 1
Home - Bedroom 2
Home - Kitchen
Home - Living Room
Hospital - Waiting Room
Hospital - Patient Room
Manufacturing Line
Manufacturing Plant
Security Check Line
White House - Front Gate 1
White House - Front Gate 2
Warehouse - Large Stockroom
Hotel Lobby
Medical Office - Front Desk
Restaurant - Fast Food
Retail Sunglasses Store Floor
Warehouse - Loading Dock
Train Station 1
Train Station 2
English Town - Driver POV - 1
English Town - Driver POV - 2
HR Avatar artwork is copyright protected intellectual property and may not be used in any form without explicit permission.

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