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Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Custom Virtual Video Interview Assessments

A Virtual Video Interview Assessment is a test in which the candidate answers questions by recording a video of themselves. Recruiters can then play back the videos whenever they want.

HR Avatar offers pre-configured virtual video interview assessments. However, we also make it easy to create your own - using the specific questions you want to ask.

There is no cost to create a custom virtual video interview assessment. Our custom test builder (see below) can be used to create a virtual video interview assessment. However, we make it even easier for you using our interview scripts tool. Simply create an interview script in which you enter your questions one by one. Then publish the script to a virtual video interview assessment. It's that simple.

To create your first script now, simply sign in to your account (you may need to register first) and go to 'Video Interviews' on the top menu bar.

Custom Test Builder Tool

The Custom Test Builder is a full-featured tool that you can access through the advanced settings section of your main menu when you are signed in.

Looking for a specialized knowledge test that applies only to a particular job or just to your company? Want to ask a specific set of virtual video interview questions? Now you can do these things quickly and easily.

We provide an easy-to-use Custom Test Builder within your account at no extra cost. You can use this tool to create:

  • Specialized skills or knowledge assessments
  • Virtual Video Interviews with the questions you want to ask
  • Scored and branching surveys

Once a test is published through the Custom Test Builder, it is available in the online test catalog, just like any test. Pricing for test administration is computed based on number and type of questions, but is less costly than our off-the-shelf assessments.

Tests from the Custom Test Builder can also be combined with off-the-shelf assessments in a Test Battery.

View our Custom Assessment Builder Features

Assessment Development Services

Do you need a highly specialized assessment or simulation? In addition to our off-the-shelf simulation-based assessments, we have created over 100 custom simulations for specific customers, including the US Secret Service, Social Security Administration, various other US Federal agencies, large associations, and several large corporations.

Our unique simulation-based assessment capabilities include the following:

Branching-Scenarios Expertise
The key to creating effective job simulations is writing engaging scenarios that branch down various paths based on the applicant’s choices. Unfortunately, designing branching scenarios can be an unwieldy task for your development team. HR Avatar can help you avoid costly false-starts with experienced creative direction, employment assessment expertise, a proven authoring process, and specialized technology so you save time and money.
2D Animation Production
HR Avatar specializes in producing workplace simulations using 2D-character animation. We can completely customize the look and style of the scenarios to match your needs, or for a more economical approach, you can choose characters from our art-library.
Simulation and Assessment Technology
The HR Avatar testing platform offers many features that allow us to develop and administer our many types of feature rich assessments that exploit the latest cloud and artificial intelligence technology.

We use specialized simulation development and assessment technology ™ to author, administer, report and manage Job Simulation assessments that work on almost any smart device. The robust tool set provides us the power, flexibility and control to rapidly create, deliver, and manage simulation-based scenarios, a wide-variety of assessment item-types, administration on almost any smart device, and easy maintenance.

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What Our Customers Say
"In my company this platform has improved a lot the hiring processes, it has allowed us to test candidates for jobs in our company, it helps us to measure behaviors, capacity and cognitive knowledge allowing us to make a much more complete profile to be studied before deciding whether or not to hire the applicant."
Felicity Hunt, Sales Manager, Octapharma
"I like HR Avatar because it has facilitated the comprehensive analysis of applicants allowing us to perform all kinds of tests and process thousands of applications weekly. It is a well designed tool with a clear and intuitive interface that helps to understand it quickly."
Charis Nolan, Recruiting Manager, Deloitte Consulting
"This software has helped our recruitment process big time since everything is digital already and doesn't need any papers. It is also very friendly for applicants as well. HR Avatar is very helpful in screening applicants as it can determine where applicants are having a hard time dealing with and it also shows the .potential risks upon hiring the candidate. It makes the job of HRs easy and efficient"
Joshua Matthew Realica, HR Assistant, Filinvest Alabang, Inc.

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