Video Interviews
Both LIVE and Virtual (Recorded) Video Interviews are Available.
Conduct structured video interviews with real-time scoring and embedded AI.
Virtual Video Interviews
Save time. Scheduling phone interviews take time, and after all the scheduling effort, candidates don't always show up. Use a pre-recorded interview to save your time and the candidate's time. Candidates answer the questions you want, and their results are stored for playback so you and your team can review the responses to determine next steps.
Pre-configured modules. We offer over 20 pre-configured virtual video interview modules leveraging interviewing best practices for popular job roles. Simply pick your job title and send the virtual interview.
Create Your Own Recorded Interviews Easily. It's easy to create your own recorded video interview questions from within your account. That way, you can ask the questions you want to ask.
Comprehensive results. When you access our virtual video interviews, the results include a transcription of text, the videos themselves (for playback), and a voice analysis that rates how the candidate's voice is perceived by others.
Easy to use. Our technology allows the entire interview to take place via the candidate's web browser. No special plugins or capabilities are needed. Simply a computer or mobile device with a camera will do!
Advanced Features
  • Works on any modern browser or mobile device with NO Plug-Ins.
  • Easily configured to include AI-Derived personality trait analysis.
  • Full control of maximum duration and retries.
  • Text-based transcript created for each video in reports.
  • Easy playback embedded into reporting.
  • Easily configured to include AI-Based voice analysis.
  • Easily configured AI-Derived personality feature analysis.
Voice Analysis Report Example
AI-Derived Personality Report Example  Learn More
Give Virtual or Live Video Interviewing a try!

It's easy to use. No software to install.

"I like this tool because it is well designed for recruiting clients and it has good and easy to handle functions. I can make good decisions, for example positions like E-commerce Stock Control, and it has been the best because we interviewed and always found the right person for the position."
Jean D., Recruitment/Stock Control of E-commerce (Retail)
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