HR Avatar provides realistic and engaging pre-employment job simulations and previews.
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Whole-Person Employment Testing
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Hire great managers! Hire great retail sales associates! Hire great software engineers! Hire great customer service reps! Hire great sales executives! Hire great food service staff!
Hire great managers!
Hire great managers!Hire great retail sales associates!Hire great software engineers!Hire great customer service reps!Hire great sales executives!Hire great food service staff!
How does it work?
Search the HR Avatar test catalog by job title to find the test designed specifically for the job.
Click to send a "Start the Test" link to the candidate by email or text.
Review the test results. We'll notify you by text or email when it's ready.
What do you get?
The HR Avatar Test Results Report is stored in your account within a few minutes after the candidate completes the test.
The report includes summary, detail, interview guide, and notes sections.
Measured areas include:
  • Cognitive Ability
  • Knowledge and Skills
  • Personality Factors
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Work History
  • Simulated Job Tasks
Plus, you'll get expert questions to help you probe specific competencies in a follow-up interview.
Test Result Report Graphic
What does the candidate get?
Tablet-Based Test Administration Graphic
Answer questions from an HR ManagerAddress a disappointed customerCheck a medical form for accuracyJustify a purchase recommendation with a manager
Smiling test taker graphic
More than 80% of our test-takers say our tests are engaging, realistic, and fun!
Answer questions from an HR Manager Address a disappointed customer Check a medical form for accuracy Justify a purchase recommendation with a manager
Answer questions from an HR Manager
Immersive Experience
Candidates are immersed in job-related scenarios to test their abilities, such as handling an irritated customer, or checking a medical form for accuracy.
Most tests take about 40 minutes to complete.
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What do the tests measure?
Each HR Avatar test is designed for a specific job and is configured to measure the factors that contribute most to success on that job. The specific competencies and their relative importance are determined through research embodied in the US Government's Occupational Information Network dataset.
Many legacy tests provide only a part of the picture by focusing on a single dimension of a candidate, such as personality (job fit), intelligence or skills. Our tests avoid this weakness by measuring a full range of factors, including cognitive ability, personality factors, knowledge, skills, and past work behaviors.
HR Avatar's tests are animated, with both an animated host who guides the candidate through the process, and sections that simulate actual workplace situations. As a result, candidates enjoy the test more than text-based assessments and find it more like a real job.
What does it cost?
Sign up online and get 2 free tests. There's no set-up fee. No credit card required. No sales call required (but feel free to call us). You can literally start testing in a couple minutes.
After your trial, simply purchase credits to your account to continue testing on an as needed basis. Choose the pack that is right for you.
HR Avatar credits can be used toward any HR Avatar testing product. Credits are non-refundable and expire 12 months from the date of purchase. There is no minimum purchase.
HR Avatar Recommends
Best Value per Credit
Enough for 1 Test
$45.00 USD
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Enough for 25 Tests
$1,000.00 USD
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Enough for 100 Tests
$3,375.00 USD
($0.75 per credit)
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No credit card required, includes 2 free tests
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HR Avatar provides realistic and engaging pre-employment job simulations and previews.