HR Avatar Partners with Maran People Management in Romania


HR Avatar Partners with Maran People Management in Romania   April 6, 2015, 8:00:00 PM EDT
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Reston, VA (April 8, 2015) - HR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests is pleased to announce a partnership with Maran People Management. The company, also doing business as "HR Avatar, Romania," is a certified distributor of HR Avatar pre-employment tests, software, and services within Romania and other parts of Eastern Europe. 

Mr. Petre Maran, General Manager of Maran People Management, has over 20 years experience as a trusted human resources consultant to some of the largest companies in Romania. Additionally, he has a track record of successful partnerships with several large pre-employment assessment companies, including Brainbench Inc, and Previsor, Inc, both now a part of CEB SHL. Mr. Maran can be reached at

Romania joined the European Union in 2007. The country is frequently referred to as a "Tiger" due to high economic growth rates achieved during the last 15 years, which have periodically exceeded three times the eastern European average.

Leading companies use pre-employment assessments to select employees that will improve their performance. HR Avatar’s simulation-based pre-employment tests offer candidates an engaging test experience and provide hiring managers and recruiters a detailed report. Reports include information on an applicant’s cognitive abilities, personality, work history and knowledge, along with an interview guide tailored to the test-taker’s responses.

In addition to offering HR Avatar’s off-the-shelf catalog of job-specific tests, Maran People Management is partnering with HR Avatar to build customized assessments that meet the region’s specific needs. These tests include localized versions of many off-the-shelf tests.

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