HR Avatar Implements Role and Test-Specific, Norm-Referenced Scoring for Competencies


HR Avatar Implements Role and Test-Specific, Norm-Referenced Scoring for Competencies   June 15, 2018, 6:26:47 AM EDT

Aldie, VA (June 15, 2018) - HR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests, a leading provider of online, simulation-based employment tests, has implemented test-specific, norm-referenced scoring for all competencies.

HR Avatar has implemented test-specific norm-referenced scoring for most competencies. This data-driven approach means competency scores are consistent between tests and between scales and may be more easily compared. Color-shaded areas are now consistent between tests and have been shifted to match the normalized distribution parameters.

HR Avatar also revised the method of combining competency scores to be consistent with the new approach. The overall score is now consistent between tests and is more directly related to individual competency scores. Similarly to competency scores, color-shaded areas have been shifted to match the normalized distribution parameters.

Did the tests change?

No. There are no changes to the tests themselves.

How much will the scores change?

Our analysis shows that scores can vary by about 10 percent compared to their value prior to the change.  Individually, the overall score should be more clearly related to the individual competency scores - taking into account the weights applied to each competency score.

When will the change take place?

For most of our English and Spanish tests, the scoring will change over the next three days.

Can I rescore old tests using the new method?

In selected cases we can rescore tests previously administered to help you evaluate the degree of change.  However, this is fairly time consuming. Please contact us directly if you would like an analysis.

Why was this done now?

After several years of operations, HR Avatar now has sufficient live candidate data to enable test-specific, norm-referenced scoring of competencies. The biggest advantage of this approach is that scores are now more directly comparable to one another and are more directly referenced to job applicants in similar or related roles, rather than indifferent non-role-specific volunteers.

If you have any questions or comments about this enhancement to our service, please give us a call! We are happy to help: (703) 688-3981. Or send us an email to

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