HR Avatar has Upgraded its Standard Job Specific Tests


HR Avatar has Upgraded its Standard Job Specific Tests   January 1, 2020, 9:10:05 AM EST

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Aldie, VA (January 1, 2020) - HR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests, a leading provider of online, simulation-based employment tests, has upgraded its Job-Specific Simulation-based Assessments as part of their ongoing efforts to increase assessment reliability (consistency) and validity, and to reduce test duration.

Upgrade Summary

  1. There is now only one cognitive competency (Analytical Thinking and Attention to Detail).
  2. The number of cognitive questions has been reduced slightly.
  3. The Personality and Emotional Intelligence modules have been replaced by a new module that measures these five competencies:
    • Adaptability
    • Drive
    • Empathy and Emotional Self-Control
    • Integrity
    • Teamwork


  1. Each new or revised competency is significantly more reliable than the competencies it replaces. Reliability is a critical measure of the quality of any assessment.
  2. The revised competencies are easier to work with and more directly related to job performance.
  3. The assessments are 30 - 40 questions shorter, which reduces the workload on candidates and increases completion rates.

Our primary focus remains to help you make the best possible hiring decisions, and we are excited to offer these improved assessments.

Important Note for Current Clients as of 1/1/2020: Because the upgraded tests report different competencies, existing active HR Avatar clients have not been converted to the upgraded assessments. Since many clients have implemented either formal or informal candidate evaluation procedures that rely on the older competencies, we did not want to change the reported competencies without the client's permission. Converting is easy and can be performed upon client request. If you are an existing client and would like to be converted to the upgraded assessments, please contact us. The previous versions or 'legacy' assessments will remain available indefinitely. However, because of the noted improvements in reliability, the potential increase in validity, and the shorter test length, we highly recommend you request conversion. All new accounts after 1/1/2020 will automatically use the new, upgraded assessments.

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