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Workplace Scenarios for Service Roles

Workplace Scenarios for Service Roles

Workplace Competency Assessment

About the test

The Workplace Scenarios for Service Roles assessment measures judgment in situations that focus on important competencies for high job performance and tenure in jobs within organizations where the employee is required to provide service to others, either within or outside their organization.

The test-taker views 10 animated customer service-oriented scenarios, each set in a different business context. Post-test surveys indicate the majority of candidates react favorably to this format, which requires the candidate to exercise careful judgment in a variety of situations.

Each scenario requires a careful response from the candidate in which the test-taker must rate the effectiveness of 8-10 possible responses. Effectiveness ratings are then compared to similar ratings from experienced customer service professionals. As virtually anyone who provides customer service must be able to interact and assist others, the situational judgment format of these scenarios is ideal for measuring what it most important.

The competencies measured include:

  • Building Relationships with Customers and Coworkers
  • Demonstrating Customer Focus
  • Helping Customers Understand Information
  • Resolving Conflicts and Meeting Customer Needs
  • Working Well with Teams

Following completion of the assessment, both selection and developmental reports are generated and made available. The Selection is designed to aid in making hiring or promotion decisions. This report includes a one page summary, followed by detailed results with an embedded interview guide. The Development report is appropriate for test-takers to review and can be automatically emailed to the candidate if desired (optional). Click below to view both sample report formats.

Note that when used for hiring, these results should always be used as a part of a balanced candidate selection process that includes independent evaluation steps, such as interviews and reference checks.

Language:US English
Time to Complete:20 Minutes (Approximately)
Price:30 Credits (Add 5 credits for online proctoring if used)

Finally, note that the individual scenarios used in this assessment can be mixed/matched with other HR Avatar testing content, including other situational judgment scenarios and job-specific animated simulations. So if you have interest in combining some or all of these scenarios with other assessments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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