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Teacher - Postsecondary
Teacher - Postsecondary
Job-Specific Whole-Person Assessment

Teacher - Postsecondary

All postsecondary teachers not listed separately.

Top activities and tasks for this job:
  • Training and Teaching Others - assess educational potential or need of students
  • Performing for or Working Directly with the Public
  • Supervise and monitor students' use of tools and equipment.
  • Observe and evaluate students' work to determine progress, provide feedback, and make suggestions for improvement.
  • Coaching and Developing Others
  • Determine training needs of students or workers.
  • Administer oral, written, or performance tests to measure progress and to evaluate training effectiveness.
  • Prepare reports and maintain records such as student grades, attendance rolls, and training activity details.

About the test

The HR Avatar Teacher - Postsecondary Pre-Employment Assessment was designed to help you hire staff in this role. The test provides a whole-person evaluation by measuring job-relevant cognitive ability, personality, knowledge, skills, and relevant behavioral history. Each component provides important data for hiring decisions. Cognitive ability has been linked to overall job performance in most jobs and correlates with a candidate's ability to learn new skills and to solve complex problems. Personality characteristics determine how well the candidate will fit-in with a corporate culture. Knowledge and skills indicate how much training will be needed before a new employee becomes productive. Finally, relevant behavioral history detects counter-productive behaviors that can impact job performance.

The Teacher - Postsecondary test includes an animated work simulation in which candidates meet customers, colleagues and supervisors in a job-related context. Post-test surveys indicate the majority of candidates react favorably to these simulations. This test also contains an automatically-scored essay component. Writing is a key skill for many jobs and also demonstrates the ability to generate, organize, and communicate relevant ideas effectively.

The specific attributes measured include:

Cognitive Ability
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Attention to Detail
  • Multitasking
  Knowledge and Skills
  • Education Delivery Fundamentals
  • Writing
  • Adaptable
  • Competitive
  • Corporate Citizenship
  • Develops Relationships
  • Enjoys Problem-Solving
  • Exhibits a Positive Work Attitude
  • Expressive and Outgoing
  • Innovative and Creative
  • Needs Structure
  • Seeks Perfection
  Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Self-Awareness
  • Emotional Self-Control
  • Empathy
Behavioral History
  • History Survey - Performance
  • History Survey - Tenure

Following completion, the test produces a Candidate Selection Report that includes an overall score and detailed scores for each attribute. The overall score weighs each of the factors based on research and analysis from the U.S. Government's Occupational Information Network (O*Net). O*Net represents over a decade of dedicated research evaluating the relative importance of various factors that lead to success in almost 1,000 different job roles.

The Candidate Selection Report also provides expert interview questions that help you probe critical or low-scoring areas, along with a guide for noting your evaluation of the candidate's responses. Consistent use of an interview guide is an important part of gaining better candidate insights and making better hiring decisions.

Language:English (US)
Time to Complete:40 Minutes (Approximately)
O*Net SOC Code:25-1199.00
Simulation Context:Medium-Level General Business/Office
O*Net Context:Education, Training, and Library
Price:40 Credits ($40 USD)
Note:This test contains questions that are difficult to complete on small screens. A large screen device, such as a laptop, desktop, or tablet is recommended. Test-takers using small devices will be advised to optionally change to a larger screen device.
More information about this Job
Annual US Wages (2016)
Bottom 10%:
$24,990 or less
Bottom 25%:
$44,490 or less
$64,400 (Average)
Top 25%:
$94,720 or more
Top 10%:
$130,090 or more

US Employment Statistics
2024 (projected):
Annual U.S. Job Openings:6,280

Top Knowledge Requirements
  • Education and Training
  • Customer and Personal Service
  • English Language
  • Administration and Management
  • Public Safety and Security
  • Psychology
  • Personnel and Human Resources
  • Clerical
Top Skills
  • Instructing
  • Speaking
  • Learning Strategies
  • Monitoring
  • Active Listening
  • Critical Thinking
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Active Learning
Top Abilities
  • Oral Comprehension
  • Oral Expression
  • Speech Clarity
  • Problem Sensitivity
  • Written Expression
  • Speech Recognition
  • Written Comprehension
  • Deductive Reasoning
Education Requirements
High School Diploma:
Post-Secondary Certificate:
Some College:
Associate's Degree (2 yr):
Bachelor's Degree:
Master's Degree:
This graphic shows the percentage of people in this role who have their highest education in each category.
Related Work Experience Requirements
1 - 2 Years:
2 - 4 Years:
4 - 6 Years:
This graphic shows the percentage of people in this role whose related work experience before they entered this position falls into each category.

Alternate Titles for this Role: Accounting Instructor, Accounting Teacher, Adjunct Instructor, Adult Education Instructor, Aesthetics Instructor, Air Traffic Instructor, Aircraft Maintenance Instructor, Aircraft Structural Technology Instructor, Apparel Machinery Instructor, Apparel Manufacture Instructor, Architectural Drafting Instructor, Assistant Professor of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Auto Body Repair Teacher, Auto Mechanics Teacher, Automated Manufacturing Instructor, Automotive Collision Repair Instructor, Automotive Instructor, Automotive Service Management Teacher, Automotive Technology Instructor, Aviation Maintenance (Airframe and Powerplant) Instructor, Aviation Maintenance Instructor, Barbering Instructor, Barbering Teacher, Beauty Culture Teacher, Beauty School Instructor, Bookkeeping Teacher, Building Trades Instructor, Bus, Trolley, and Taxi Instructor, Business and Office Technology Instructor, Business Computer Applications Instructor, Business Education Instructor, Business Education Teacher, Business Instructor, Business Machines Teacher, CADD Instructor (Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Instructor), Career Technology Teacher, Carpentry Instructor, Certified Nursing Assistant Instructor (CNA Instructor), Chef Instructor, Clinic Coordinator, Clinical Instructor, Clinical Laboratory Aides Teacher, Commercial Art Instructor, Commercial Baking Teacher, Commercial Food Instructor, Commercial Sewing Instructor, Computer Instructor, Computer Repair Instructor, Computer Systems Technology Instructor (CST Instructor), Computer Technology Instructor, Continuing Education Instructor, Cooperative Education Coordinator, Corrective Therapy Aide Teacher, Correspondence School Instructor, Cosmetology Instructor, Cosmetology Professor, Cosmetology Teacher, Costume Design Teacher, Cpr Instructor, Criminal Justice Instructor, Culinary Arts Instructor, Customer Service Representative Instructor, Customer Service Representative Teacher, Decorating Instructor, Dental Assisting Instructor, Design/Animation Instructor, Dietary Aide Teacher, Drafting Instructor, Drafting Teacher, Driver Retraining Instructor, Driver Trainer, Driving Instructor, Dry Cleaning Teacher, Electrical Technology Instructor, Electronics Teacher, Electronics Technology Instructor, Esthetics Instructor, Faculty Member, Flight Instructor, Floral Design Teacher, Footwear Machinery Instructor, Gericare Aide Teacher, Graphic Art and Imaging Technology Instructor, Graphic Design Teacher, Green Jobs Trainer, Green Material Construction Trade Instructor, Ground School Instructor, Ground Services Instructor, Health Occupations Instructor, Health Science Instructor, Home Care and Home Health Aides Teacher, Hospital Aides and Assistants Teacher, House Painting Instructor, HVAC/R Instructor (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Instructor), In Service Education Teacher, Industrial Arts Teacher, Industrial Electrical Technology Instructor, Industrial Maintenance Instructor, Industrial Training Specialist, Inhalation Therapy Aides Teacher, Instructor, Insurance Instructor, Job Trainer, Key Punch Teacher, Licensed Practical Nurse Instructor (LPN Instructor), Link Trainer Teacher, Machine Shop Instructor, Machine Shorthand Teacher, Machine Tool Technician Instructor, Maintenance Instructor, Manual Arts Teacher, Manual Training Teacher, Manufacturing Teacher, Manufacturing Technology Professor, Marksmanship Instructor, Masonry Instructor, Massage Therapy Instructor, Meat Cutting Teacher, Mechanical Maintenance Instructor, Medical Aides Teacher, Medical Assistant Instructor, Medical Instructor, Medical Laboratory Technology Instructor, Medical Office Technology Instructor, Mental Health Aides Teacher, Metal Crafts Teacher, Military Science Teacher, Millinery Teacher, Modeling Teacher, Motor Teacher, Nail Technician Teacher, Navigation Teacher, Nurse's Aides Teacher, Nursing Assistants Teacher, Nursing Instructor, Nursing Professor, Nursing Teacher, Nutrition Aides Teacher, Occupational Therapy Aides Teacher, Occupational Therapy Assistant Instructor (OTA Instructor), Office Administration Instructor, Office Machines Teacher, Office Systems Technology Instructor, Office Technology Instructor, Paralegal Instructor, Pathology Laboratory Aides Teacher, Pharmacy Technician Instructor, Pharmacy Technology Instructor, Physical Therapy Aides Teacher, Police Academy Instructor, Postsecondary Career and Technical Education Teacher, Practical Nursing Instructor, Prison Teacher, Private Branch Exchange Service Advisor, Professor, Professor of Industrial Technology, Psychiatric Aide Instructor, Psychiatric Aides Teacher, Public Health Aides Teacher, Radio Repair Teacher, Real Estate Teacher, Recreation Therapy Aides Teacher, Residential Construction Instructor, RN Teacher (Registered Nurse Teacher), Sales Teacher, Secretarial Teacher, Shorthand Teacher, Skilled Trades Teacher, Skin Care Instructor, Small Engine Trainer, Special Makeup Fx Artist Instructor, Stewardesses Teacher, Surgical Aides Teacher, Teacher, Technical Instructor, Technical Trainer, Technical Training Instructor, Technology Instructor, Television Repair Teacher, Textile Machinery Instructor, Trainer, Training Representative, Training Technician, Truck Driver Instructor, Upholstery Instructor, Vocational Horticulture Instructor, Vocational Instructor, Vocational Nursing Instructor, Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist, Vocational Rehabilitation Teacher, Vocational School Teacher, Vocational Trainer, Vocational Training Instructor, Vocational Training Teacher, Wastewater Treatment Plant Instructor, Watch Assembly Instructor, Watchmaking Teacher, Weather Teacher, Weaving Instructor, Weaving Teacher, Welding Instructor, Welding Teacher

Related Jobs based on Skills & Abilities: Self-Enrichment Education Teachers, Preschool Teachers, Except Special Education, First-Line Supervisors of Personal Service Workers, Residential Advisors, Social and Human Service Assistants, Career/Technical Education Teachers, Middle School, Recreation Workers, First-Line Supervisors of Office and Administrative Support Workers, Career/Technical Education Teachers, Secondary School, Food Service Managers, Athletic Trainers, Occupational Therapy Assistants, Occupational Therapy Aides, Physical Therapist Assistants, Speech-Language Pathology Assistants, Personal Care Aides, Kindergarten Teachers, Except Special Education, Medical Assistants, Health Educators, Fitness Trainers and Aerobics Instructors

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Activities performed during the Test
  • Use feedback to develop ideas for improvement.
  • Make a recommendation for a new resource purchase.
  • Write a clear and persuasive email.
  • Track scheduling changes and other new information.
  • Write a short essay to explain an opinion.
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