Remote Worker Scale

Remote Worker Scale

Miscellaneous Assessment (Test)


Remote Worker Scale

Remote employment is on the rise, giving employers a new perspective on what to anticipate from new recruits. However, not every candidate will thrive in a remote work environment.

The Remote Worker Scale is a fast, easy way to evaluate a candidate's ability to work from home effectively over long periods. This questions asked cover communication skills, time management skills, and ability to maintain a good work-life balance.

Special Note: The best way to utilize the Remote Worker Scale is to add it to another test by using a Test Battery. Adding this scale only adds a few minutes to the test-taker experience and provides you with valuable insight into the candidate's readiness for remote work.

Type:Miscellaneous Assessment
Language:English (US)
Duration:5 Minutes
Competencies Covered:
  • Remote Worker Mindset

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