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Accounting - Accounts Payable (Aust)
Accounting - Accounts Payable (Aust)
Skills/Knowledge Assessment
About the test

Accounting - Accounts Payable (Aust)

The Accounting - Accounts Payable (Aust) test is a skills and knowledge evaluation.

This test contains questions on common knowledge and skills required by someone managing accounts payable including standard accounts payable concepts, procedures and calculations.

The test contains approximately 35 questions and takes an average of 25 minutes to complete.

Language: English (Australia)
Questions: 35
Mobile Ready: Yes
Approximate Duration: 25 Minutes
Credits: 20

Note that this test qualifies for our special skills test bundle offer. When you combine this test in a test battery with any of our job-specific tests or cognitive simulations, you get this test for 50% off the listed price or number of credits. The reduction is made automatically when the test is being taken. Please feel free to Contact Us for additional information about this valuable offer.

Please note that this assessment is provided by an HR Avatar partner and is not eligible for HR Avatar Unlimited Subscriptions. If you do not have an unlimited subscription, you can administer this assessment just like any other test. However, if you do have an unlimited subscription, you will need to purchase credits in order to administer this assessment. Alternatively, if you would like to have access to this test as part of your unlimited subscription, please contact us.

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