Now Available from HR Avatar: Automated Reference Checks


Now Available from HR Avatar: Automated Reference Checks   November 5, 2020, 12:00:00 AM EST

shopping cart on a computer screenAldie, VA (November 5, 2020) - HR Avatar, a leading provider of pre-employment assessments and other candidate screening tools, has added automated reference checks to its list of products.

Who buys anything anymore without checking the reviews?

The people who know the most about a candidate are their previous co-workers - supervisors, managers, peers, and subordinates. By obtaining meaningful information from these individuals, reference checks provide valuable information that can greatly improve hiring decisions.

Save time AND improve effectiveness.

Manually checking a single employment reference check can easily consume 30 to 60 minutes, and can often result in no information. Automated reference checks, on the other hand, consume only a minute or two for an unlimited number of references. Additionally, by going directly to the previous co-workers through email and text message and promising a short (5 minute) web-based survey, useful responses are much more likely. 

Increased fairness.

The HR Avatar tool is integrated with the US Government's Occupational Information Network, O*Net, which provides scientifically determined profiles of more than 1000 jobs. The tool uses this information to craft survey templates for specific jobs. Each template can then be customized to the unique requirements of a job. 

Fairness is enhanced both by using the O*Net-derived templates, and by using a consistent survey for each reference for each candidate applying for a position.

Easy to Use

Like all HR Avatar products, automated reference checks were built to be easy to use. Simply create a template, initiate a reference check, and the candidate receives an automated email to complete the reference. Once all of the surveys have been completed, a final report is prepared.

Learn more about HR Avatar's Automated Reference Checks or contact us for a demo today.

Founded in 2009, HR Avatar is a privately held Virginia Corporation based outside Washington, D.C. in Aldie, VA. HR Avatar offers a broad catalog of pre-employment assessments, including over 200 simulation-based, whole-person assessments in multiple languages. Additionally, the company provides selection-focused video interviewing services, custom test creation tools, secure remote test proctoring, and 360-degree multi-rater feedback.

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