How to Hire the Right People | Limo Magazine features HR Avatar Employment tests.


How to Hire the Right People | Limo Magazine features HR Avatar Employment tests.   December 1, 2014, 7:00:00 PM EST

Limousine, Charter and Tour Magazine, the #1 Source for Operators, recently published How to Hire the Right People, a helpful hiring guide for limo, car and transportation services operators. Jim Luff covers the application process, the written exam, the interview setting, the application package, and a list of 20 interview questions to help hiring managers get their applicants to talk.

The article also features HR Avatar's pre-employment test offering, writing:

A written exam before an oral interview is a common technique used by many companies and government entities to weed out those who don’t merit your time for a sit-down session. Whether you develop your own exam in-house or use a commercial website such as HR Avatar ($20) to conduct the exam, it can reveal the applicant’s thought processing skills, personality, geographical knowledge and attention to detail. The exam can become a baseline indicator of the level of training needed once hired. An in-house test should include questions such as, “Name three fine dining restaurants in the area,” “On what streets are the following hotels located?” (listing major hotels), and what actions the applicant would take in the event of a vehicle accident.

HR Avatar employment tests offer several job specific tests for Limousine, Charter, and Tour industry, including:

Taxi Driver/Chauffeur Pre-Employment Test

Dispatcher - General

First-Line Supervisor - Transportation and Material-Moving

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