FREE Basic Live Video Interviewing until May 31, 2020


FREE Basic Live Video Interviewing until May 31, 2020   March 19, 2020, 11:23:54 AM EDT

Aldie, VA (March 19, 2020) - HR Avatar Pre-Employment Tests, a leading provider of online, simulation-based employment tests, is making Basic Live Video Interviewing FREE through May 2020 to help our customers deal with the COVID-19 Virus.

Basic live video interviewing includes all features except our 3 AI features (transcript, voice analysis, and personality analysis). You can still perform team interviews (up to 3 interviewers) and utilize our interview scripting tool to maximize the effectiveness of your interviews.

The benefits and features of Live Video Interviews are compelling:

    Live Video Interview - click to enlarge
  1. Better hiring decisions. Improve effectiveness using customizable structured interview scripts that prompt questions and capture scores from all interviewers in real time. Also, apply various artificial intelligence tools such as voice and personality analysis.
  2. Convenience. Conduct individual or team interviews from your desk. Our product works right through your web browser. There are no software or apps to install. Finally, conduct and manage interviews and testing all in one place.
  3. Auditability. Capture and store transcripts as well as interviewer scores and comments all in one place for future reviews.

Basic Features

  • Easily schedule a live video interview while viewing test results (and vice versa).
  • Customize interview scripts to conduct the interview in a structured way.
  • Record your scores and comments in real time as the interview progresses.
  • Perform group interviews with up to 3 interviewers. Collect individual scores and comments from all.
  • Refer to interview scores, comments, and other analyses online anytime when making your evaluations and comparisons.
  • View test results and interview results together in one place.
Advanced Features
  • Obtain a transcript of your conversation
  • Obtain an AI-driven voice analysis of the candidate's voice.
  • Obtain an AI-driven personality profile of the candidate.

Get Started

Ready to give Live Video Interviewing a try? Follow these steps.

  1. Sign in to your HR Avatar Account. If you need to create an account, register here.
  2. Click the Video Interviews link in the header after you sign in, and then click the New Invitation button to send your candidate an invitation to the interview.

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