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The HR Avatar Blog


The HR Avatar Blog
2/17/20, 7:41:54 AM EST
By Mike Russiello
The TWO Invisible Hands of Human Capitalism
The invisible hand of the market allocates capital to where it can be used most efficiently. There are two invisible hands that guide human capital. The first is the powered by the candidate's self-interest and the second by the employer's needs and objectives.
2/10/20, 1:17:01 PM EST
By Mike Russiello
How would Universal Basic Income (UBI) change hiring?
What is the rationale for Universal Basic Income (UBI) and is it realistic? How would UBI affect hiring?
2/3/20, 8:16:00 AM EST
By Mike Russiello
Automated Remote Proctoring is Revolutionizing Pre-hire Assessment
Automated remote proctoring is revolutionizing pre-hire assessment with virtually no cost and with ample ways to curb your privacy concerns.
1/27/20, 10:22:24 AM EST
By Mike Russiello
How is a company with an effective hiring process related to a gambling casino?
How is a company with an effective hiring process related to a gambling casino? They both win through long-term thinking. In both casinos and hiring processes, a probabilistic process has been set up to favor the organization by at least a small amount.
1/16/20, 4:23:12 PM EST
By Mike Russiello
Back to Basics - Long-term Business Success is Always Achieved through People
Every business owner spends time thinking about how to create (and/or sustain) a competitive advantage. The long-term key to success in virtually any organization is people. Without the right people on board, you can neither achieve or sustain an advantage for very long.
1/13/20, 9:28:24 AM EST
By Mike Russiello
Video Interviewing - Why should you care?
Video interviewing can improve your quality of hire. At the same time it provides low cost convenience for all parties and can enhance recruiter efficiency. This article provides basic information regarding video interviewing for recruitment and hiring. Covers the types of video interviews, and relative advantages and drawbacks of each.
1/7/20, 10:13:13 AM EST
By Mike Russiello
Back to Basics - The Core Principles of Smart Hiring
A set of principles that every effective hiring process should follow.
7/6/19, 8:00:00 PM EDT
By Mike Russiello
Why don't employers share pre-hire test results with job candidates?
Most companies don't share their pre-hire test results with candidates. Ask any Human Resources professional why not and they'll you it's to avoid legal trouble. That may be true, but what's the real reason behind that policy?
5/15/19, 8:00:00 PM EDT
By Shoa Appelman
3 Easy Steps to Improve Candidate Experience
As a recruiter or a hiring manager, you don’t want to miss out on good applicants because of a cumbersome process. It’s important to strike a balance between having the information you need to make the right hiring decision and demonstrating to your candidates that you care. Here are 3 easy steps to improve the candidate experience.
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